Hola gorgeous goddesses,

I am always intrigued by how others spend their days… How the moments and movements of life make up a day.

And even though my life changes day to day as it revolves around the star Mermaid Daughter… There is a certain rhythm to be found.

Here’s one of my days lately…

Woken up at 6:30am by a little mermaid nuzzling at my arm for a feed. Chris brings me peanut butter on rice thins and a cup of herbal tea for breakfast.

Feed until 7:30am, get up and do some household stuff one-handed with little mermaid under one arm. Get Chris to do some daddy cuddling while I take a shower.

10am: convince Chris we need to go to Muffin Break. Feed little mermaid before we go and bundle her up into the car. I sit in the back seat next to her while Chris drives his Miss Daisies.

11am: gluten free spinach and fetta muffin with philli cheese. Om nom nom!

11:30: grocery shopping, peeks into bookstores.

1pm: home again. Feeding time again. Chris makes me lunch (vegetable and hommus wrap) and I eat one handed.

2pm: lay down with little mermaid, nap, feed. While she sleeps I sleep or read a book or itouch away.

3:30pm: get out of bed. Go for quick walk. Clean up house, start making dinner. Watch an episode of Community or Modern Family while feeding.

5:00pm: eat dinner. Give little mermaid a bath, get her ready for bed. Somehow squeeze five minutes to brush my own teeth and have a shower.

6:00pm: bedtime for little mermaid and this big mermaid. Oh yes, I go to bed at 6pm now! It’s my way of surviving :). We usually nurse for an hour before she falls asleep and I lay her down next to me.

6pm-6am: little mermaid wakes between 1-5 times during the night. There’s usually a four hour patch of sleep at the start, then 2-3 hour patches after that. When she wakes up, we nurse for about an hour until she’s asleep again. Wake up in the morning with a half asleep Mermaid Daughter nuzzling at my arm… once she awakes she chuckles and gives us the biggest smiles in ze world.

On the weekdays when Chris is working, I keep the same rhythm of busy mornings and quiet afternoons.

One morning a week I go to Infant Massage class, another morning I go to our mama’s group.

The other days I stay at home, do washing (surprisingly therapeutic!), make our cottage as zen and lovely as can be, and bake stuff. I crank up our dehydrator to dry fruit & make raw cookies. I make spinach and fetta muffins, vegetable frittatas & raw lemon coconut slice. I am totallly becoming a domestic goddess… If only I didn’t dislike the word domestic so much… It sounds too much like septic! Maybe I shall rename myself Goddess of the Haven instead :). Yes, that is muchos better.

I keep busy and moving in the mornings because Mermaid Daughter gets bored if I’m sitting down… She needs action and movement and interesting things! If we are with other people, or talking on skype she is all content to sit on her mama’s lap and watch and hear… Me thinks this Aries goddess is an extrovert who likes movement 🙂

My days are soooo different to what they were before… Slowly but surely we are finding our new dance step though!

And I know things will change again when we move (TWO FLIPPING DAYS!!!!!!!)… but here’s the polaroid of our days right now… (Remind me to do another routine post in a couple of months to see how things are different again!)

What about you dearest heart? How do you spend your glorious days? I would love to hear about goddess’ days around the world…