Hola gorgeous Goddesses~

Every time we sit in circle, the talking stick goes around.

The talking stick is made from wooden… smooth to touch, adorned with feathers, crystals, stones, wool…

And each woman is passed it, and she holds it, and she shares where her journey has taken her, what her work has been, what blessings and medicine have arisen.

And she is heard, and she passes the talking stick on.

And on and on, we learn our lessons from hearing each other’s stories. We become clearer as the threads of our lives weave together into understanding. We learn how to be honest with our marvellous truth, and we learn just how big, beautiful and sacred every other woman’s journey is too.

So I wanted to bring that here. The talking stick, the circle. The sharing of our journeys and where we are at.

I’ll share my spirit’s story, and you’ll share yours. We’ll get to learn from each other’s stories and wisdom.

Every time women circle, miracles happen.

Taking the Talking Stick

Here I sit.

Thirty-six weeks pregnant.

with pregnacious-mermaid hair.


There’s so much to do.

This must be what they call nesting.

Currently, our home looks like piles of this:

It’s the result of both me & Papa Bear feeling like our home needs space – much much much more space… to fit Little Mermaid in.

Our huge TV and stereo are going. Boxes of kitchen stuff. Electronic crap. Extra furniture.

We’re even letting go books & oracle cards ~ unheard of for two wisdom-collecting Scorpios. {We’ve got a few things listed on ebay if you were wanting to check them out!}

And everytime we face that mountaineous wall of stuff… and have moments of fear of letting these things go…

we remember:

there is something new coming. We will feel so much lighter once these are gone.

And we have that courage, and do it… we find out we were right.

I don’t regret letting go of anything. I don’t miss it.

The things didn’t make me happy.

If anything, they made our space a little more congested, a little less flow-y, a little less easy to live in.

I’m realising again and again:

It’s my life that makes me happy.

Especially this part of my life.

Getting rid of stuff brings up stuff

It does. I want to acknowledge this.

I remember when my love decided to let go of his music collection.

His music collection had been for years a part of his identity – Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Cradle of Filth.

My hottie rocker man.

And then somewhere along the line, he mellowed. He started listening to world music and folk music.

And he made a huge decision one day to let go of his collection.

We walked into a cd-buying store, and I saw him tense. I saw the courage it took for him to leave his CDs there.

We walked out to the car.

How are you feeling hon?

Like I’m going to throw up, he said.

So we sat in the car for a while until the waves of change washed all around us, and he felt centered again.

He felt clearer afterwards, but in the midst of it – it was hard.

And so I see in myself all the hard and stuff that comes up with letting go of our stuff.

I notice that I feel a little bit worried when my home isn’t cluttered – it reminds me of the days when we didn’t have much money at all, and the years it took us to collect furniture when we first moved here.

I notice that there is a certain comfort in being hemmed in by stuff… it’s like a swaddle of sorts.

And I also notice that I feel so much clearer in my life and heart when there isn’t so much stuff around me.

I notice this could be a time for me to have faith in abundance and the flow of prosperity.

That space doesn’t mean lack.

That space could mean room to move, breath, create and grow.

Space could mean I get to see and make all my choices clearly, instead of feeling overwhelmed by them.

Letting Go

And with all this life-changing, house-cleansing, pregnancy-fullness, I learn and re-learn the art of letting go.

I let go of tensing when Little Mermaid moves, hoping she doesn’t turn breech again.

I let go of thinking I can control that.

I allow in the possibility that all is perfect, and that whatever Little Mermaid needs is the right thing. If that means breech, if that means head-down, if that means vaginal birth, if that means caesarean.

I let go of thinking I know the right way and the perfect way.

I allow life to show me that way instead.

So much to be done!

And… finally… the other thing that is with me at the moment… is the feeling of so much to be done!

Goddess School beginning again. {Thank Great Spirit for Goddess Sone, my magical and wonderful Goddess School helper! She makes it all so wonderful.}

Naps and doula appointments and books to read.

An Online Business Goddess kit that is slowly writing itself.

A home that is still in the act of being cleansed and prepared and cleared.

Most of all though, I want to remember this:

That calm & grace surround me now.

That I only need to take one step at a time.

That life is giving me just what I need, right now and always.

Passing the Talking Stick

How has your journey been, dearest heart?

What lessons, blessings and medicine have arisen for you?

You are so loved and cherished,

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