earlier today, rockin the ergo and two handed typing!

1. Thank you for all the love about Mermaid Daughter #1’s birth story. I’m writing the rest of it now. It has been really healing to let it marinate all this time. At the time I didn’t quite understand the birth… It was like a strange rainbow wildebeest. But through writing it, and crying through it again, it is starting to make sense. The medicine is ripe now. The threads are coming together. Holy and true.

2. Incase I forget, I’ve been meaning to tell you something. For weeks after Mermaid Daughter #1 was born, everyday, at the same time each night, I would get this huge wave of feeling and overwhelm. And I would get Chris to take me and Mermaid Daughter #1 out to the field to walk it out. And then I realised it happened the same time each day as she was born. One evening I was lying beside her in bed, and I relived the memory of the birth, and sobbed as I realised I was gifted with the happy ending… her. Later that night I realised it had happened exactly one moon to the day and time of her birth. And since then, I haven’t had the waves… It was like I integrated it.

3. This is the biggest, hardest, most holy thing I haveever done. Mamahood FORCES you to become your best self. You can’t get away with much. It is a big big sacred mirror. It’s not a “one day I will become a calm person.” it’s a “you have to choose calm thisveryinstant.” Sometimes you do, sometimes you can’t quite get there, and you forgive yourself and try again in the next moment.

4. We just found out today our move has been brought forward three weeks. Yipppeeeee!!! And OHMYGODDESS we are moving at the end of next month! Sweet Proserpine here we come!!! Wish me luck as I pack our house ready to go. :). I can scarcely believe that soooon we will be living in our little cottage, near my family and I’ll officially be a WAHM. Wahooooooo! Our big dream is coming true!

5. Danggit. I forgot what I was going to say. Oh well, I will start where I am. It is 6pm. Bedtime. LittleMermaid is asleep in my arms. She is nearly three months old. Can you believe it?

6. Our doula Rachel took our first family photos for us on Sunday. I can’t wait to show you all. We took them at our sacred rock, the first place we felt at home here in Canberra. At that rock I had my inner marriage ceremony, had birthdays there, had our engagement photos there, and it was at that rock three months ago we took belly photos on The Day My Waters Broke. Circle of life, baby. Holy and big and true.

7. Ahhh yes I remember now! My big sister is living in England at the moment. She just spent three weeks galivanting around Europa eating snails. The day she got back to England we skyped. (I missed her oh so much when she was travelling! She is my twinny, just two years older and a Capricorn). Anyhewsles, I tell her we ate moving home early. And she squeeeeals. She had decided on her Europa travels to come home… The same week as us! How is that for perfect synchronicity??? I adore when things work out just so incredibly perfectly.

8. In unrelated news, my epic search for a babycarrier that Mermaid Daughter #1 actually likes has finished. Yahoosicles! Runnerup prizes go to Baby Bjorn and ze old fashioned ring sling… But it looks like ErgoBaby is our winner. At least we now have seven (ho ho ho) carriers to swap between whenever she needs a change. And I would give you the links to them all, but I’m typing this with one finger on my iTouch so anything beyond basic text is beyond me. Maybe one day when I have spare time, two hands and I have a pet unicorn I will write a proper review post with pictures and everything. Until then, here’s me, with one fingered typing and dot point posts.

9. Infant massage class tomorrow. Yippee!

10. Everything is working out beautifully. For all of us. I have a good feeling about this, hottie cakes.

Big love, raspberries and blessings,