“Leonie gets results FAST.”

“Everything Leonie has told me to do has gotten me results FAST. Leonie has given me concrete steps and tips which have pumped up my business growth. She knows what she is talking about. She has taught me another way to do business. I can honestly say the reason I was able to leave my teaching job and build my business is because of Leonie.”

— Hibiscus Moon, founder of Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

“Leonie has razor-sharp strategies.”

“Leonie’s razor-sharp insights and business strategies leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating a business and life you love.

If you get the chance to learn from her, go for it!”

— Victoria Gibson, Facebook ads expert

“I’ve reduced my expenses and saved $1000 per year!”

“I always thought I was poor (!) with money and that everyone else could make great money with 1 or 2 things and somehow I couldn’t.

So hearing Leonie describe her 80/20 and how she uses other websites was a huge revelation for me. Also the 100 side-hustles – I’m still going through these.

The exercises were fantastic and got me to re-frame my opinion of myself and remove my hang-ups about money, millionaires and my own abilities. And the resources! It will take me a while to do these too.

I’ve reduced my expenses and saved $1000 per year just in sorting out my health insurance. I’m also well on my way with my main gig and setting up my 20% side-hustles.

Thanks for a fabulous course. Thanks for being so generous with yourself, your journey and your heart.”

—Robyn Webb

“I am not a passive participant, with action I can make it happen!”

“I found savings in our expenses of $4,950, and so far have created an additional $825 of income!

It motivated me to find where I was now and then set a tangible challenge.

The aha moment was “I can create money if I want”.

— Sarah-Jane Smith

“I will have saved over $7400 dollars!”

“OMG, Leonie, I love this course. Is there ever a course that isn’t spot on with gobs of info? NOPE! 🙂 I’m clear on my expenses and will have saved over $7400 dollars by the end of this year based on smarter decisions that I have made and am making.

The expense sheet allowed me to be totally aware of what is going on in my finances currently and continues to build from there.”

— Jo Ellen Newman

“Bite sized goals!”

“Loving it. I like the idea of setting smaller amounts so they are more easily acheivable. I have increased my awareness around how I behave with money.

I am slowly setting new habits and beliefs in place.

— Kylie Bertuch Haynes, www.gingerkiyoga.com.au

“I have tripled my weekly income!”

“Course is great. Easy to follow, easy to implement. Aha! moments: that this is ongoing, that working through money blocks and mindset doesn’t need to end once the course does. I have tripled my weekly income since starting to implement suggestions in the course.”

— Alecia Staines

“My horizons have been expanded.”

“Leonie is one of the most authentic teachers I have come across online, and I’ve been online for 20 years. Leonie’s down-to-earth and damn approachable vibe has you forgetting any actual doubts and fears you’ve been lugging around and next thing you know, you’re getting things done like a fire cracker.

I absolutely recommend Leonie as a teacher!”

— Jelena Mrkich, Artist

“Brainstorming using the ideas and lists that you’ve provided has given me a sense of possibility and purpose”

“Thank you so much Leonie for your positivity and great vibes – it’s amazing having a creative, artistic, ethical, philanthropic woman modelling what it is to make, manage and manifest money.

Your generosity, compassion and no BS attitude shines through all the videos, calls and colourful materials you’ve given us over the last four weeks.

Thanks for your warm heartedness and commitment to empower women to take command of their financial destiny.

I’ve had some powerful AHA moments through working with the EFT exercises to clear money blocks, which has released the flow of money from unexpected sources.

Brainstorming around all the ideas and lists that you’ve given us has given me a sense of possibility and purpose – and lots of actionables!”

— Katie Rose, Singer, Composer, Conductor, Writer

“My horizons have been expanded.”

“Leonie is a blend of beautiful art & creativity with straight-talking, no-holds-barred business wisdom that totally blows me away.

Before I found Leonie, I hadn’t thought it possible to blend art and business, I thought I had to choose… so finding her was a wonderful breath of fresh air & represented a huge permission to explore avenues I’d thought were closed.

There’s so much deep wisdom in Leonie’s courses & books, blended with real-life practical how-to’s, and all wrapped up in a loving, inspiring package.”

— Joanne Ernst, Consultant

“Leonie, your course has woken up the women inside me”

“Ohhhhhh! Just such a life-changing course! For most of my life, money management was the stuff that felt too “grown up” for me. Making money, investing money and becoming wealthy was for ‘other people’ who were born with some kind of secret access to money wisdom. Not So! Within the first week of doing your course, I realised that I COULD DO THIS TOO.

I identified and faced the money blocks I didn’t even know exsisted. I’ve had conversations with my Family of Origin about ancestral money energy (woah!).

For the first time ever, I’m excited about my financial future. Thanks to you, the course and the group, I have read two books on how to save and invest and I’m now planning on investing in stocks and shares! Amazing!

I feel so empowered and inspired by you and your course. I’m in the process of choosing an investment platform which I’ll use to invest in stocks and shares.

I am on the way to saving £200 per month as a result of the expenses challenge and I’ve started a few of the options from the 100 ways to make money.

Thank you for leading us up the money mountain so we can fly our flags from the summit.”

— Sasha MacDonald

“Of all the “kick in the money-pants” things I’ve tried, I think this one may actually work.”

“I loved this course so much! It was just what I needed.

The part about not getting my head stuck up my own ass especially hit home!

I also realized that Leonie is just a regular person like the rest of us and that we too can achieve success and wealth.

It just takes smarts on where to put our energy and commitment to reach our goals.

I made $523 from the expenses challenge and am already on my way to reaching my first money goal with $1,000 on my money thermometer!”

— Christine Joy Décary, Graphic Designer & Branding Specialist – www.parallelbranding.com

“Leonie’s courses inspire and invoke my inner flame.”

“She gives us all the vital information, goals, skills and how to do it yourself (without making it feel like rocket science!), as well the kick up the bum to get shit done.”
— Leandra Gurbiel

“Leonie holds nothing back in her teaching”

“She explains things in real, raw and usable ways. It’s not fluff, it’s from learned experiences, and it makes learning fun!

Leonie is one of the pioneers of the online entrepreneur world, making possible for anyone with a passion to serve to be ale to follow their dreams and create their own business.”

— Kerry Spina, Author

“I finally finished an online course!!”

“I did it! I have been a serial course purchaser for years and this is the first one I have ever completed. I am so pleased and grateful. Watching your videos felt like I was having beautiful 1:1 sessions with you.

The bite size tasks were surprisingly easy and effective and I have started using your simple and easy tracking tools to keep me motivated and actioning! I created $1500!

In the last few days I have made major progress in setting up the business I’ve been “gonna do” for years!!

I have transformed from being an Enthusiastic Elly and Ruby Reader to Rahima the Implementer. Yay!!

Thank you again for sharing all your money wisdom, infusing love and fun into the course and acknowledging soul as a valid integral part of Money Manifesting. Bless You.”

— Rahima Richardson

“I love Leonie’s no nonsense simple, easy and fun business guidance.”

“Her courses are filled with real information that is current and relevant. Leonie’s allowed me to follow my dream of having my own business, seeing her walk your talk, she has paved the way for so many other women to follow their hearts and dreams too!”
— Leesa Turner, Energy healer

“Leonie touches a part of me that wants to shine, wants to make things, wants to manifest.”

“I feel touched in the part of me that is vulnerable and strong, like two sides of a coin. I know many things already, but being touched by a teacher in that sacred part of my heart is rare.

With Leonie’s help I have already created a book, inspirational cards, online courses and a happy life.”

— Fanny van der Horst, Author

“I have more control of my spending this month, and have been able to not overspend.”

“I have encountered several money blocks. I have seen that I believe that I’ll never be able to make money consistently. And I experience finances as dangerous territory.

I’ve also seen how I self sabotage by not keeping track on how I spend my money. I have however also seen how I’m doing better now, than three years ago, so it’s also given me the opportunity to acknowledge myself for that.

I have more control of my spending this month, and have been able to not overspend. I have also seen how my budget isn’t realistic in all areas, so I’m working on changing this.”

— Tine Landy

“Leonie has put the FUN back into learning how to manage and manifest!.”

“I love it! Money can be such an emotional drain but Leonie has put the FUN back into learning how to manage and manifest. I’m cancelling a credit card that wouldn’t lower my rate and am transferring to a 0% for 18 months. I’m also much more discerning when I go shopping.

Home Goods used to be a money trap for me. I’ve been able to walk in and buy only what I need. I haven’t been wooed by bright, shiny objects at all. It actually feels uncomfortable to spend money on things I don’t need now.

— Kat Ogar, www.yourinfinitewellness.com

“Leonie has a way of making people feel like they are capable of anything (plus she’s flippin’ hilarious!)”

“I absolutely love this course. I decided to enroll because I’m at a place in my life and business that I want to push past some new money blocks and level up! This course definitely helped! Every time I learn something from her and implement it, I get results!!

Instead of looking for answers to my problems from others, I’m coming up with new and exciting solutions based on my intuition. I’m getting to the soul of my biz and it’s really paying off!

I started tackling my money blocks and getting really clear on my money goals. Eliminating money streams in my biz that no longer served me has helped me feel freer and more creative.

I just mapped out a bunch of really fun income streams I know will be a hit. This clarity has even helped me grow my membership practically overnight!”

— Billie Gardner


“That’s exactly how much I’ve saved on an annual basis less than 24 hours from going through the Money Manifesting course!

I still have another $1000 or more worth of savings to work on but I was highly motivated by the spreadsheet savings going up and up and up so I went on a subscription cancellation rampage!

I got the early bird deal and so this means I have made my money back about 20 times over because of this activity!

Very, very happy I chose to take the step and join this program.”

— Angela Wills, www.laptoplifestyleyouniversity.com

“I released longstanding money blocks!”

“I had an a-ha around the many money blocks that were hiding in plain sight. I didn’t know I had all that baggage.

I love that the material is well organized, easy to access and beautiful.

Leonie is straightforward, fearless and I love how direct she is when it comes to answering tough questions. She’s been a breath of fresh air. I’ve taken money courses before but this one feels different for me and I’m excited about what’s to come.”

— Tanya Smith

“I’ve got my plan in place and know I can do it.”

“It couldn’t have synced up with my business and personal life more perfectly. I have enjoyed everything about it so far.

More aha! moments than I can wrap my head around.

I am already feeling no stress anymore about my finances. Indeed, the course HAS paid for itself already! Yeah! My husband is on board because you make perfect sense to him as well.

Keep up the great work Leonie!”

— Melody Kientopp

“I’m identifying new money blocks that pop up!”

“I am very pleased to do this course that has all the essentials of a healthy money diligence.

I am not new to money work but I really love Leonie’s approach and the wonderful container she has built.

My aha moment was in module 1, checking the expenses, the net worth and looking how I can improve my savings, noticing that I am not bad at all in managing my money, I was really pleased and surprised to find it out 🙂

I have cancelled all the subscriptions that were not functional for my business and life and I am considering to switch to a leaner business model as well.

I am doing my best to keep a positive money mindset and attitude.

— Beatrice Lugano, www.thrivingalchemy.com

“I manifested a new used car in less than a week!!”

“My car died during our time together. With the tools from the course – asking for what I need, trusting and not making it hard, quick start stream of income – I manifested a new used car in less than a week!!

I already found out what I can work on in me (discipline) to make things better. And I learned money doesn’t need to be difficult or control who I get to be.

— Roni Walker

“The best bloody part is I’m taking action and completing all the homework!!

“Give me a high five!!

I absolutely love this course!!!

AHA moments: In completing the Net Worth Game was finding all the different pensions I have (5 in total!) Yeah 4 of them will be frozen but I don’t care as its money! They all count and total £3000 so far. I didn’t even realise!

Finding out about the marriage law, women not being able to earn money and permission from husbands for credit cards (Mind-blown! as not that long ago).

I’ve come across money mindset in courses before but you have to actually take action and do the bloody work! I’ve already mentioned this (but will do again).

This is the first time I’m completing/taking action on all work so far. I think it’s because the course is short, really fun and achievable.

I’m loving it so let’s keep going……Just taking action for me is HUGE!!

Especially when I usually buy a course and it sits there not completed. I also read T Harv Eker book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” last week (which I’ve had for years not touched).”

— Joanne McDermott

“It is always, always a fun time to work when it is with Leonie.

“Two dreams that I have held dear for years have finally come to fruition and there is one person who has everything to do with this: Leonie Dawson. 

Her absolute faith that all will work out well in the universe if you just quit whining, leave your doubts behind and DO THE THING were the antidote to dreaming without doing.

Ten years ago I dreamed up a new method for language learning, which I had tested and used for years, but never made into the program for French that I knew it could be.

While listening to a Leonie GSD call, the inspiration and impetus returned and I finally did it. Now the families of the world who have had enough of onscreen learning, have a magnificent option for learning a new language.

Throughout the process, I learned the how-to’s of creating a class in 40-days to Create an Online Course: crafting a sales page, finding an audience, making the offer more precise and desirable-sounding, how to dare to MAKE the offer. 

The butt-kicking motivational moments came in monthly calls and podcasts, and the Way to Sell in the Sales Star Masterclass.

In parallel, I wrote and edited the first book I had begun a year or so ago, motivated, as ever, by her confident approach to dancing the happy zebra dance and the class 40-days to Write Your Book.

Not only is the attitude inspiring, but the details of how-to-actually-make-this-happen excell in their precision and helpfulness.” 

Angela Chenus

Leonie makes it fun, inspiring, and full of GREAT PRACTICAL ADVICE.

Leonie opened up the biggest, brightest door and said come, we can do incredible things and make money and not kill ourselves in the process. 

Use your fun, creative voice to live your dream or gifts.  I took her hand (metaphorically) and entered Leonie Land and it made all the difference.

I have learned about MONEY and have had a deep change of perspective. 

I have read almost every book she has recommended on money and business and have LOVED LEARNING!  

I took her class on EBOOKS & ECOURSES (these are in my near future).

I am at the point of launching my e-commerce platform and working on Building my email LIST.  On the day I started freaking out a bit about building the list, Leonie sent an email with everything I will need to do around this very tricky topic (for FREE).  

Before I found Leonie, I read and watched different male authors and would find myself full of anxiety and stress thinking I can’t hustle as much as these perspectives try to drill into you.  It is a masculine approach. 

When I found LEONIE, it gave me a feminine approach to the masculine game of commerce. 

I believe this approach is what our world needs.

Suzy Wiseheart


Leonie’s work really stands the test of time.

I first discovered her work over a decade ago, when she was ‘Goddess Leonie’ and her courses and meditations really helped me know myself and move forward in an authentic way in my life.

I am still returning to some of that today, and it is just as magical now as it was then. 

And her newer content and courses are helping me navigate this part of my life.

But more than practical how-tos, Leonie has an infectious joy of living that shines through all her offerings.

Erica Diazoni


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