Just a few days ago, it was my 30th birthday.

To celebrate, we went on a little road trip. Ate crepes, stopped at a little park filled with scrub turkeys and went to the Crystal Caves.

It was the fountain made out of 3 tonnes of rose quartz that made me cry.

It made me think of my favourite archangel Quan Yin, and that love she pours over everyone.

All I could do was sit with my hands over my heart and soak in it,

thankful for my life,

thankful that I am blessed enough to walk in this beautiful world.


This morning, Ostara and I went to weekly craft mornings.

I was reading through my Creating My Incredible Year workbook from 2012 on my birthday eve, noting down how much of it had come true.

And one of my 2012 wishes was “Find or create a weekly mama + bubba craft morning.”

It’s perfect how it all came true.

How every week you’ll find me up to my heart’s content immersed in wet felting and needle felting and fairy felt making and journal making.

All while Ostara plays with gorgeous kidliwinks, many of whom will be in her class at Steiner school. Sweet little beings who will know each other for the next 14 years or more.

It feels like a profound blessing, and exactly what we searched for.


We come home, eat a warm lunch with my love and our puppies.

We talk for a while, and then I make myself a cup of tea.

Ostara and her Daddy play for a while.

When I leave them, she has a story book open, and is asking to watch a Youtube video on all the things that are in her book. “A duck Daddy! Ducks! Now eggs!”

And they watch as tiny little duckling noses emerge through the cracks of shells.


I pad through my house down to my office, a beautiful space that overlooks the rainforest.

It’s a damn sight better than the office I had 12 months ago: precisely nothing. Just a park bench and a tree. And then a dear old steaming hot broken down caravan.

Having an office that is clean and bright and cool and waterproof and functional and actually comfortable is incredible.

And I pad down here to begin my “work day” – those couple of hours that I pour forth whatever creative miracles want to be born through me.

And I think to myself:

This is my life. I am SO blessed. I am so happy. My dream has come true.


And the next thought I thought?

And I MADE it happen.

Incase you’re wondering. Incase you’re dreaming of dreams to come true.

Incase you’re wondering just what it takes.

I want to tell you this:


Yes, your dreams are possible.

Yes, go for it.



Our miracles are self-generated.

They don’t just happen. They aren’t gifted upon us.

They are gifted to us by us.


There’s Three Stages To A Dream Coming True

1. Dream The Dream

First comes the thought.

You have to conceptualise it first. Think of it. Dream how you wish for it to be.

Dream it in as much detail as you can.


2. Write It Out + Speak It

Get it out from just being in your brain, from just being one of those thoughts that waft away in the next breeze.

Let it take its first physical appearance into reality.

Journal it, workbook it, tell your dearest friends, tell the world.

You’ll work out what works for you – whether private ambitions or being publicly accountable drives you forward.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you do it.


3. Walk Your Talk.

Let your actions align with your intentions.

Make everything you do be a living prayer of your dreams.

Choose again and again the stepping stones that take you closer to your dreams.

Make it a daily goal to be closer to your dreams.

Do the thing that needs doing.

And you’ll be so immersed in making your dreams come true, in being a walking embodiment of your dream alive…

that you’ll begin to see your dream pulling its way into your reality.


I’ve Made A Great Many Dreams Come True


I’m a fairly young bunny.

I’ve made a huge amount of my goals come true.

I’ve become the CEO of my own half million dollar a year company. I’ve written two books. I’ve interviewed and been interviewed by some of my all time bucket list heroes including SARK, Julia Cameron and Lynn V Andrews. I’ve got the kind of work/life balance I wanted – just a couple of hours of focussed, strategic, joyful work on weekdays, and the rest of the time immersed in mamahood and loverhood and enjoying-the-shit-out-of-life-hood. I live in a beautiful home in the rainforest. I have a deep, close relationship with my husband and feel so happy and blessed to be a mama to my daughter.

And none of this happened by accident.

Did I wake up one day and suddenly realise I’m living my perfect life?

Shit no.

Every single step of the way and in every single part of my life, I’ve been the master creator.

I have built this business from the ground up with my passion, determination and focus (not just once, but every single freakin’ day for the last five years. I’ve stepped up, took to the plate, batted, and gotten better at batting.) I made those books happen. I created the kind of credibility and experience that meant I could be an associate instead of just a fan. I struggled hard to get that kind of work/life balance. When I saw this home, I knew it was ours, and I made that effer hapen – even when it scared me. I’ve worked hard for the last 11 years to create a relationship with my husband that keeps getting better and better (it’s never been easy or effortless – we’ve just managed to love each other (and ourselves) enough to get over our shit, grow and get better at that whole relationship thing!) And I’ve gone through some immense changes to find my way as a happy mama.

It’s all work.

But darlin, it’s the good work.

It’s the big work.

The work that is calling the best part of you out into the world.


Dreams Aren’t Easy. And They Aren’t Supposed To Be.


They are making you who you are.

They are forming you into the person you need to be to hold the dream safe.


All you gotta do is remember:

1. Thought

2. Word

3. Action


And go make those dreams come true. It’s going to be the most beautiful thang you’ve ever seen.

You’ll change along the way too. In exactly the right kinda way.


all my love,


P.S. Those three stages to making a dream come true? They are powerful, powerful, powerful.

It’s why my ever popular yearly Creating My Incredible Year workbook + planner are so powerful.

It gives you the guidelines to do all three.

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