Incase you’ve ever wondered,

incase you’ve ever forgot,

everything you need is inside you.

All the inspiration.

All the stuff that needs to pour out from you.

All the wisdom, the light, the creations.

DON’T get more creating by pinning on Pinterest, retweeting on Twitter, tumbling on Tumblr.

Just turn up.

To the empty screen, to the empty page, to the empty viewfinder.

Click, write, clack.

Open up.

Let all the mumblings, the mystery, the magic and the miracles pour forth.

Make no mistake,

your story needs to be heard.

Your gifts need to be known.

Conjure up what needs to be seen, what needs to be known, what needs to be heard

from the great emptiness, the great void, the great mystery.

Great Spirit resides within you.

It can only provide its miracles through you.

Open up. Let it pour out.

We are waiting for you.


(& the world)