Hi lovelies,

I know it’s been quiet over the past 7 months or so here on the public-facing creativity + sharing front of blogging + social media.

But behind the scenes, it’s still been all systems ago-go! I’ve been still sharing, teaching + working with my customers + clients in my Academy.

In my Academy in 2017 we released more courses than ever…

  • 14 courses from me
  • 4 courses from guest experts
  • 5 beginner tech courses from my VA Emily
  • plus monthly group coaching calls with me + regular Ask Me Anything sessions.

I thought I’d update you with what I’ve been creating behind the scenes there.



  • Why you should consider creating an e-course
  • How to present your e-course
  • The tech parts of how to create + share your e-course
  • Success tips from an e-course veteran
  • How to market your e-course


  • I’ve been creating e-courses since 2008.
  • I’ve created over 150 e-courses.
  • I’ve earned well over 7 figures from selling my own e-courses.

Available exclusively to Academy members. Enrol here for access.

Burnout: Do you have it? How can you heal it?

Burnout is the prevailing condition for the modern day woman superhero: the mother, the healer, the empath, the carer, the giver. We are taught over + over to give more, be more kind to others, to be compliant, to never say no, to be a martyr, to ignore our physical, emotional and spiritual needs, to do MORE…
And then we wonder why it all comes crashing down, and our bodies refuse to work anymore. We lose our lifeforce, our energy, joy and motivation. We feel anxious, irritable, easy to tears and easy to anger. We are beyond exhausted. We are depleted, deprived, done.
There is a way out however. I promise. I promise, I promise, I promise.
As a serial entrepreneur, serial giver + serial burnout sufferer (and healer!), I promise there is a way through. Out to the other side where life is sweet again. Where your once-overdrawn energy bank account is brimming again. Where you are wiser and more loving to yourself.
In this vulnerable, honest course, you’ll learn:
  • my own story with burnout, what caused it and what saved me
  • how to recognise if you have burnout
  • the healing menu of how to recover from it
  • the hidden blessings of burnout and its deep spiritual gifts.

Available exclusively to Academy members. Enrol here for access.


Learn how meditation can help you to manage stress, and why the Power Nap Meditation is unique. Discover the enormous benefits of this easy and enjoyable meditation, and really supercharge your practice with some special tips. Then give it a go – lie down, chill out and relax with Prem Ross.

About Prem

Prem Ross is a highly qualified meditation, relaxation and yoga teacher. She is the founder of Every Body Yoga, and the creator of 3 meditation albums.


Want to learn how to self-publish your books successfully?

Learn from internationally best-selling self-published author Derpy McDerpface… I mean… me… ha!

  • the pros and cons of self-publishing
  • how to choose between self-publishing and getting a publishing deal
  • the two self-publishing paths you can choose from
  • the nitty-gritty details of how to get a book self-published
  • how to market it successfully!

I can’t wait to see your books out in the world, doing the work they need to do!

Available exclusively to Academy members. Enrol here for access.


Do you have a relationship or connection that frequently leaves you reeling and feeling like YOU are crazy?

You may be suffering from narcissistic abuse.
Learn in this short intro workshop:
  • what is Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)
  • symptoms and behaviours displayed by someone with NPD
  • why empaths can be suckers for NPDs
  • how to protect yourself from it
  • recommended resources + reading.

I so wish I didn’t have to create this workshop, but I knew I had to. Knowledge is power and can protect you!


How to use social media to grow your business abundantly WITHOUT driving you crazy or taking all your time!

“Join Leonie Dawson, million-dollar CEO with over 300,000 followers across social media as she shares with you her powerful, time-saving and abundance-making tips on making social media work FOR YOU.”
You’ll learn:
  • what NOT to do on social media
  • what social media platforms you should be using
  • what to be sharing to increase sales and customers!

Available exclusively to Academy members. Enrol here for access.



Let’s be honest here: 

Body love + self love can be bloody difficult.
Especially for women. Especially for women in Western countries.

During this raw, emotional workshop, I’ll share with you:

  • the reasons why it’s so hard
  • how to look at self love + body love differently
  • why self love + body love can change the world
  • her own personal journey with self love + body love
  • how she learned about body love from her nonagenarian elders and brother with cerebral palsy.

Available exclusively to Academy members. Enrol here for access.


Art Journaling Workshop

Discover the magical hobby of art journaling… a creative window to your soul!

Join best-selling author + illustrator Leonie (i.e. me!) and her impish offsider, Beth (aka, my favourite 3 year old) as I share with you my favourite kind of meditation and self discovery… art journaling!
Art journaling is:
  • a safe place for you to explore creatively
  • a sanctuary for enlightenment
  • a relaxing, blissful hobby
  • and a space of one’s own.

During this workshop you’ll be given four practical art journaling assignments to get your creative juices flowing! Perfect for creatives + those who are sure they aren’t creative at all. Art journaling is for EVERYONE!

Available exclusively to Academy members. Enrol here for access.

Cultivating Personal Power with Guest Teacher Melissa Prince

Join emotional intelligence expert Melissa Prince in this bonus Academy class and discover the top 3 reasons why big hearted women stop taking actions of their desires (plus how to feel inspired, confident and free again!).

Dive in and explore:

  • Personal Power: what is it? why is it important? how do we increase it?
  • the creation formula: revise this foundation formula on the process everyone uses – whether they’re aware of it or not- that creates their life.
  • Emotional Intelligence: why you’ll stop moving forward without developing a relationship with your fear.
  • Body intelligence: the missing piece for many healers, helpers and creatives that stops them from embodying their leadership potential.


Homeschooling: How + Why We Do It e-book

In this ebook I share:

  • why we decided to do homeschooling
  • how I fit everything into my day
  • the style of homeschooling we do.



How To Create Your Own Needle Felted Painting

Join me + my favourite 7 year old daughter in this short introduction to needle felting!

Learn how to make a quick, gloriously colourful, eco-friendly + earthy wall hanging for your home, your kid’s rooms and for gifts!

Available exclusively to Academy members. Enrol here for access.

Copywriting That Sells

Copywriting is king. It’s the stuff that turns business ideas into gold, the words that turn a stranger into a raving customer, the makings for a business empire.

And it’s all 100% learnable.

I should know. I did it.

Once I realised how important copywriting was to business success, I devoted myself to learning all I could about it.

The results were spellbinding. Copywriting is without a doubt the linchpin behind me growing fast-growth, high-profit million dollar companies.

In this workshop I’ll lead you the essentials for copywriting that sells, including my sales page checklist that is, as other well-known entrepreneurs have declared: “worth its weight in gold. Literally!”

Available exclusively to Academy members. Enrol here for access.

Spirited Relationships Workshop

It’s time to talk about LOVE. Relationships. Partners. Communications.

How to navigate these human connections.

How to grow deeper in love.

I’m going to share my story of not being great at love… how we nearly broke it… how we restored it, healed it, and made it stronger and kinder than ever.

In this workshop I share:

  • The greatest spiritual teachings our relationship counsellor ever taught us
  • Practical tips to increase love + connection
  • How to communicate your way to better love
  • Resources + relationship counsellors to help you along the journey.

Available exclusively to Academy members. Enrol here for access.

Product Marketing Workshop

Learn how to turn your products into gold.

  • How to market your products to get increased sales
  • How I sell a million dollars worth of product annually
  • How to increase distribution for your products
  • Case studies of successful product marketers!

If you sell physical products like:

  • handmade goods
  • craft
  • clothes
  • bricks & mortar business
  • books

this is the perfect course for you!

Available exclusively to Academy members. Enrol here for access.

How To Grow Your Business Intuitively by guest expert Karina Ladet

Join intuitive channel + entrepreneur Karina Ladet in this workshop as she teaches:

  • Getting clear on your vision & what you desire
  • How to clear your energy & release fears and blocks
  • Connecting with your intuition & letting it guide you
  • Calling in the right support & your soultribe
  • Growing yourself & your business with joy & ease

And bonus meditation from Karina as well:

Release, Ground Yourself & Create Loving Boundaries Meditation!

Tech Basics Series

My VA Emily created these easy-to-follow video tutorials to cover a range of social media tech basics including:

  • How to create a Facebook Page
  • How to set up + use Pinterest
  • How to set up + use Instagram
  • How to set up + use Twitter

Available exclusively to Academy members. Enrol here for access.

As always, Academy members also received digital e-books of both the Life + Biz Goals workbook for 2018 as well!

Available free to Academy members along with 100+ other courses. Enrol here for access.

I’m looking forward to a glorious 2018 with my Academy members…

Lots more courses planned (at minimum, they are released monthly!) plus my monthly group coaching calls (the only way you can access me for business coaching).

And if you haven’t checked it out already, here’s the list of the other 100+ courses already in the Academy on top of these ones!

If you want to dive deeper into learning from me, the Shining Biz + Life Academy is the way to go.

Love + blessings,