Hola gorgeous starbuds,

I’m so excited to announce that I’m re-opening the Creative Goddess Circle again on September 28. It’s been… oh… nine months since it was last open…. and it’s one of my favourite, transformative courses… so I’m utterly over the moon to be doing it again.

The Creative Goddess Circle is a private online message board that we treat as a sacred women’s circle for the Creative Goddess e-Course. During the rest of the year, you can take the e-Course as a home study course… but the Circle means you get to share your journey with other Goddesses doing it too. It’s precious and sacred and blessed and wonderful.

The Creative Goddess e-Course is my most popular course – it’s six weeks to discover the Creative Goddess inside you. It’s not just about art and making pictures though – this is about sacred creativity, and connecting with the amazing goddess you are with art.

Each week, there’s:

  • a video from me and Charlie the happy healer dog
  • a 30 minute long goddess meditation
  • a sacred creative project to create
  • a hand-illustrated ebook.

There’s weeks of healing, and transformation, and overcoming creative stucknesses, and dreaming big, and finding courage, and being the Goddess you are. It’s beautiful, precious work, and I’m really blessed to share it with you.

The Creative Goddess Circle is opening for six weeks on September 28. To be a part of this circle, sign up for the e-course before then, and you’ll get an invitation in. You’ll get access to the course materials before then incase you want to start playing right now – or you can wait and use them with the Circle.

This circle there will also be three goddess helpers who will be helping me in holding the sacred circle space, and making it a magical, shining experience for everyone there. Hoooorah!

Questions? Just let me know dearheart. I’d love to help out.

And if you’re called – I would be utterly delighted to share the Creative Goddess Circle with you…. A magical journey awaits ~ I am jumping up & down with glee!!!

For more information & to enrol, just pop over to the Creative Goddess eCourse page.

big love,