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jade & me when we were 12

“She laughs, puts up the tea
She says “You know I think you remember every part of me.”
And the water starts to boil
And if I had a camera
Showing all the light we give
And showing where the light extends
I’d give it to my friends

Sometimes I see myself fine, sometimes I need a witness
And I like the whole truth
But there are nights I only need forgiveness
Sometimes they say “I don’t know who you are
But let me walk with you some”

And I say “I am alone, that’s all
You can’t save me from all the wrong I’ve done.”
But they’re waiting just the same
With their flashlights and their semaphores
And I’ll act like I have faith and like that faith never ends
But I really just have friends”
~ Dar Williams, My Friends.

was thinking about things today
recently i got in touch with my first really truly best friend from primary school
we hadn’t been in contact since high school…

and while there were years there without talking to my favourite jade the fairy
i am so GLAD that things worked out that way.

because now when i get emails from her i get tears in my eyes and a swelling in my heart.
things have D E E P E N E D
we can really excavate the hows and the whys and the what~fors of life, together.
we are even more thankful and consciously aware of our connection.
there is an honesty there, and a gentleness, and a “i’m so glad you’re in my life.”

maybe if we hadn’t lost contact, we wouldn’t be so aware of the precious gift of love that we share.

things have come in perfect timing. the universe aligned itself in just the right way at just the right moment. i have a feeling that just as we needed each other, we found each other again.
we were 11 or 12 when we first met. i remember seeing her for the first time, sitting on the concrete with the bunch of girls i ate morning tea with. she was the new girl at school and was eating a rock’n’roll pizza bun {I’d never seen one before}.
we became best friends. she was my first real best friend.
we were “bimbo & topsy” {i got to be bimbo.}

jadey knows me from forever ago, and still loves me.
that’s got to be the most precious gift of all.

i am so incredibly grateful for the blessing
that has been the surge, the wane and the re~awakening of our friendship.

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jade would even play dress ups with me. in public.