Hola my darling hearts,

Every year, we have a competition… a BONUS for the Goddess Ambassador who tells the most people about the Creating your Goddess Year workbook, planner + calendar.


Usually, we send to the winner their ambassador monies PLUS an extra $100 to thank them!


I ding dang LOVE giving money away. True story. It just makes me ridunkulously happy.

On Christmas Eve, I donated the largest amount I’ve ever donated to help beautiful kids get what they need. I may only have one daughter, but I want the whole world to have a really, really good life.


And I wanted to send thank you monies to my incredible Goddess Ambassadors for helping me help goddesses around the world.


I SO deeply believe in the 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook  + planner. I KNOW with my whole heart how much it can change lives and help women. It’s been scrawled upon, cried over, referred to, loved, adored, adorned + used as a dream life catapult by over 4000 women in the last 3 years.


I know it can help women. I KNOW it can make them ridunkulously happy. I KNOW it can help women live their dreams + heal the world. And I want it to find as MANY WOMEN AS POSSIBLE. And that’s where I need your help, as Goddess Ambassadors.


I need Goddess Ambassadors to share about the workbook, about how much it has changed their life, about how they use, about why they use it, so other women can find it & understand what great miracles can be birthed from it.


And I want to support Goddess Ambassadors who do this… share the abundance, send glowing birds of love + energy back to them, for helping me live my soul’s purpose.


This is my business living my soul’s destiny. I want a business that walks its talk, is authentic, generous, abundance and tremendously loving to every soul who is a part of it :: me, my assistant, our Goddess Circle members, all our clients, our Goddess Ambassadors & all our readers.


It needs to spread abundance + miracles + wisdom into the world. That’s what it is here for.


My life has been blessed by the opportunity for me + my love to work from home + rear our daughter together. And the Goddess Ambassador program is a way for me to offer the same opportunity to other goddesses out there in the world.


My BIG BIG dream really is to be able to send Goddess Ambassadors so much money each month that they can become a full time Goddess Ambassador… make their living helping women find this work.

I am so full of hope, and faith that it’s all possible.


I totally believe in abundance, and in sharing the love, and in making our livings bringing good, beautiful, helpful things into each other’s lives. What a joy!


I’m here to put my money where my heart & my vision is.


So this year, I wanted to go above & beyond the usual bonus.


Go extra, extra shiny!!!


This year, we are sending out a $500 MEGA MAGNIFICENT BONUS…
ON TOP of the generous 50% earnings from the workbook.


It’s a ridunkulous, fabulous, abundant way to bring in the new year.

Just from telling goddesses about my workbook that can help make their year extraordinary.



The winner will be the Goddess Ambassador who gets the most sales of the workbook by the end of the month… only 19 days to go!




and get earning magical bonuses + GLORIOUS abundance!!!!



thank you as always for helping me to spread the word + love to the goddesses who need it… i adore you & appreciate you!

love love LOVE & bucketloads of FAITH and ABUNDANCE!!!!

P.S. Super quick version of this email :: I want to be able to send even mooooore thank you monies + glorious abundance to Goddess Ambassadors.
If you sign up to be a Goddess Ambassador & tell the most goddesses about the new 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook… you’ll get 50% of sales PLUS the meggggaaaaaaaaa MAGICAL bonus of $500! EEE!!!!
GET STARTED NOW ::: right here is all you need! (Or here if you’re already an ambassador!)