golden rules leonie

Dear Leonie,

I’m writing to you today because lately, you’ve been forgetting some things.

Your golden eggs.

Your  rules + mottos + mantras + boundaries. The thing that makes my business thrive + my soul shine.

Are they the right rules for everyone? Nope. But they are for us.

And when we forget that… whenever we try someone else’s golden rules on for size…

We falter. Business slows. We feel lost.

So I’m writing this as a love note to us.

Gathering my golden eggs in a basket.

And lovingly reminding us that HERE… HERE is where it is at.

  • Don’t watch the competition. It’ll make you feel crazy and downtrodden and not enough.
  • Keep your eyes on your own yoga mat, as Liz says. Do business + life YOUR way.
  • Keep family + lifestyle the most important thing. DO NOT LET WORK CONSUME YOUR LIFE. All work + no play makes Leonie a completely boring, grumpy, fixated obsessive.
  • 25% of time spent in education. If you’re not learning, you’re not growing.
  • IMPLEMENT that education. It’s not enough to just read it. You better fucking do something with that information, otherwise it is worthless.
  • Institute work boundaries again: only work in the afternoons. No work at night. No work on weekends.
  • Have hobbies outside of business. Seriously. Take up fucking knitting or something. Anything. Anything but work.
  • GET.A.LIFE. Having a business is not having a life.
  • Get outside + see friends face-to-face. This stuff makes you feel ALIVE.
  • Make walks your saviour. Go climb the mountain + talk to the sky.
  • Create instead of react.
  • Don’t watch trainwrecks. No good shall come of that.
  • Ask yourself every single day: What is it I need to do each day to drive my business forward? Then do it.
  • Honour that you’re an introvert. Honour that you get sucked dry by too much personal interaction.
  • If you feel alone when you are by yourself, you’re doing it wrong. Being by yourself is being with your very best friend. It should feel like a joy. It’s only when you are lost + drained + floundering that it doesn’t. All the more reason to be alone.
  • Don’t be a perfect mum. Just look for the Kairos moments, as Glennon says. Or lower your expectations, as my friend Deb says. Or just be a real person with your kids, as my friend Leigh says. Or fill yourself up + flow out to your kids from that, as Karina would remind me.
  • Your body is not your foe. It’s your soul’s signal. It tells you when you’ve overbalanced, exhausted, broken, need topping up. Please listen. You need to.
  • Making art is where it’s at. Lay your heart + soul out on your sleeve. Get vulnerable. Share your story. It is incredibly healing for you. And incredibly healing for your right people.
  • Put your fear blinkers on. Ignore everything but your dream.
  • Trust the red flag. When someone behaves like an asshole once, they’ll do it again. Nip it in the bud earlier, instead of waiting for it to atrophy into Status: Fucked.
  • Be a monk to your goals.
  • Sex is really fun. Don’t forget to have it.
  • Surround yourself with people who light you up, who make you laugh, who remind you that just to be Leonie is enough.
  • The truth is healing. Don’t be afraid to share it.
  • Write when spirit speaks through you. Be a vessel for the voice of the angels. Let it speak through you.
  • Always have your yearly plan. You feel a bit lost at sea without it. Especially in your business. The more you look at it, the more on path you feel. When you don’t know where you are going, you feel panicky. When you set your course, and continually re-adjust the bow of your ship to get there, all is right with the world.
  • Trust your gut.
  • You need sleep. LOTS of it. Way more than everyone else. Go to bed before 9:30.
  • Don’t believe the hype: staying up to work + clear the inbox + burn the midnight oil is NOT the secret sauce of entrepreneurs. It doesn’t work for everyone. And it really, really, REALLY does not work for you.
  • Don’t sleep in too much. The early morning hours are sweet. Try + find something else to do with them instead of sleeping or working.
  • Have lots of support. Do lots of therapy + healing + kinesiology. And also take breaks throughout the year as well from it. Just let it all integrate. Get back in with your gut instinct again. Let it all settle. I reckon a one month break every six months is a good thing.
  • Read more books + less screens.
  • No phones in the bedroom. Also: can we get Chris to hide the phone from us regularly?
  • Don’t subscribe to magazines or newspapers. They (for me) turn a joy + a treat into a burden of Yet Another Thing To Read. I don’t know why, but it just does. Don’t do it, Leonie.

Allright Leonie, I love you heaps.

And it’s okay if you stumble + forget sometimes. It really is. We all do.

What’s important is the remembering.

The circling back around.

Back around to the place that is true + right + good.

I got your back, girl.

Always & forever, your bestie,


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