the good things…
:: a piece of writing by the amazing Victoria SkyDancer
{who has given me her permission to share it here}

“We grieve
Because we become rather attached
To these mortal vessels of flesh
That house our unquenchable souls.

We grieve
Because we perceive loss
When the material fails:
Lost potential
Lost opportunity
Lost connection
“Gone, Forevermore”

We grieve
Because we get stuck in that place of “gone”
And we have forgotten
That the other side of matter
Is Energy…
Just because we cannot see
Does not mean they are absent.

Yet it is because we are Energy
Having a Material experience
That we grieve.
It is our nature.
It is okay.”
~ Victoria SkyDancer

:: dew on grass and good friends.
:: sumptuous intro on 4chairsdesign
:: divine illustration by kurt halsey
:: hankering after the “52 things” book
:: eat more
:: thrilled to pick up “the seed handbook” from the library

off on an adventure for three days… to see my goddesses.
it will be good to see them.
it will be good to be away from computers {my arms ache}.
it will be good to be on an adventure.
it will just be GOOD.
it already is good.

me, gabs and sone.

blessings, to you my friends.