speak with passion and others can
feel the power of your words.
stop making sense and
start making love.
sometimes i think speaking and dancing
were separated at birth
and are longing to find each other again.
~ ben lee

This week I have been blown over, again and again by Ben Lee.

First by his music – his latest album “Awake is the new Sleep” {cover above}.
Love soaked, aware, joyful music. Conscious. A collection of love songs to the universe.

Then by his words – through his blog.
Love soaked, aware, joyful words. His conscious journey.
His time in India with Amma. Falling in love with the world and with himself.

It is so beautiful to see someone outside of us doing this. Speaking this and living this.

Can I gush anymore?

“woke up this morning
i suddenly realized
were all in this together
i started smiling
cos you were smiling
and were all in this together
im made of atoms
youre made of atoms
and were all in this together
and long division
just doesnt matter
cos were all in this together”
~ All in this together, Ben Lee

other things i can gush over this week:
:: japanese fashion illustration:: thich nhat hanh’s “peace in every step”
:: india arie
:: sacred earth designs
:: posters from 1920s paris
:: wild earth art
:: watercolour paper
:: my gorgeous goddess sister sonya coming to stay for the weekend
:: nancy faulkner art
:: rainbows spilling on paper
:: josephine wall desktop wallpapers
:: the man i love and his blue sky eyes…