Wonderfully wise Emelisa called me

on the weekend

(Featured Artist from two weeks ago)

It was the first time we have “spoken”

We met online at the Marvellous Message Board

I had always felt drawn to her

Her warmth, compassion

amazing open heart

Her conscious conscious journey and learning

Loving herself and loving others

She shares her story willingly and sweetly

Her life is an open book

Her heart is an open one

It was a delight to speak to her

We spoke for three hours

How amazing to speak to a stranger and yet get along so well.

She spoke about going through a period of immense growth and creativity, and then becoming stuck – becoming anal and rigid.

It reminded me of when I would become anal in my art… my art teacher at the time, Turiart, said once how it was like a bird flying for the first time, and realising it was flying, being so dang excited it was flying, it was flying about thinking I’M FLYING I’M FLYING and it becomes sooo excited it somersaults and ends up with it’s head stuck up its arse.

I think it’s a fabulous analogy of becoming anal.

So yes, Raficki ~ Emelisa is a dear spirit

even when she feels anal

she bursts with colour

I feel so blessed to have met her!