For all that has been, thanks; to all that will be, yes.

– Dag Hammarskjold

Had the most lovely time on the bus home today with dear Paris.

What a lovely delight he is to be friends with.

An absolute blessing.

He is impish, but wise.

As playful as a puppy dog,

as knowing as an orangutan.

He is so many things all at once ~

a teacher, a friend, a companion, a listener, a story teller

all in the span of the 45 minutes commute

This afternoon I got off the bus a couple of stops early to walk home

we walked across a gully,

and he plunged his face into a wattle tree just to smell it.

What a wonderful wide world it is

when we can make these friends from strangers

and they can open new universes of laughter, tears and sharing.