Womens stories have not been told. And without stories there is no articulation of experience. Without stories a woman is lost when she comes to make the important decisions of her life. She does not learn to value her struggles, to celebrate her strengths, to comprehend her pain. Without stories she cannot understand herself. Without stories she is alienated from those deeper experiences of self and world that have been called spiritual or religious. She is closed in silence.
~ Carol P. Christ and Charlene Spretnak.

(found in an amazing article “The Holy Whore: A Woman’s Gateway to Power” ~ a long read, but well worth every word).

I read this quote today, and my heart leapt into my throat.

Yes, this is why I do what I do. This is why I am so deeply passionate about photographing the goddess in women around me. This is why I wish to document our goddess stories. This is why I want to honour our lives.

This is why my spirit soared and my voice cracked in the car last night, as I talked to myself and Great Spirit about why I wish to do what I do.

I want to retell my story, and I want to retell Her story.
With honour, compassion, admiration and joy.
I want to redefine how we define ourselves.
We aren’t meager beings. We aren’t unimportant. We aren’t insignificant.
We are not boring, uninteresting or without a story.

We are radiant. We are incredible. We are important. We are significant.
We are juicy. We learn & teach great lessons. We are fabulous. We are alive.
even in our smallest fractured hour,
We are Alive.

May you know the love and life of the Goddess is always in your heart.