Hey petunias!

So! Here’s where we are at as of today!

    all pre-orders sent + orders shipping within 24 hours. Australia got set up faster than anyone else simply because our printing house in Singapore is closer so the boat here was faster.
    Our US mailing house had a major systems meltdown earlier this week just as our packages were delivered (at which point, we all chanted… FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK). They’ve been working overtime to get it back online + packages out. We have a lot of faith + trust in this mailing house – they were truly our saviour last year + are the gold standard in shipping houses. Over half of our pre-orders have been sent, and some new orders were sent out as well – they have now fixed their system + will make sure they put highest priority on pre-orders all being finished first before we get to new orders. This is only fair as pre-orders have been waiting the longest + should get them first. The issue for them now is that USPS have run out of the pre-paid mailing boxes that our mailing house needs for our books (!!!!!!!) Our mailing house has been making calls and has managed to secure delivery of them from all over the US over the next couple of days. It’s been nail-biting. Grant has spent some loooong hours on the phone to make it happen. By COB Monday US time, we should have all pre-orders finished being sent + new orders starting to be sent. We have already seen orders arriving in the US so delivery is fast once they are sent thank goodness! YES – you will get a shipping notification in your email when yours is sent!
    Our boat just got cleared through Customs (at last!) and is en route to our mailing house. They’ll get them into the warehouse + begin shipping Monday as well. YES – you will get a shipping notification in your email when yours is sent!

We know you all are so very excited and impatient to get your books. We are doing our very best to make it happen. Some of those things that we have to wait on are out of our control – including boats, Customs + bloody USPS box shortages! It’s been frustrating + my team have been pulling huge hours to get to all your emails + get these books out as fast as they possibly can.

I’m so sorry this is taking longer than expected. I’m so sorry for making you wait. I know Grantacular won’t start breathing fully until all books are in warehouses + shipping within 24 hours of orders being received. Hopefully, by next Monday, that will be the case.

We’ve even joked about setting up our own shipping + mailing house company called Delivered By Unicorns R Us so we can control all the things that aren’t in our control right now. But ultimately… we know we have the best people and companies doing those jobs right now… and they… like us… are going as fast as they can right now. Even if they don’t have a really cool named company like ours would be!!! HA!

We’ll continue keeping you up to date. Thank you for your excitement. Thank you for trying not to wee everytime you hear the postman. Please try and refrain from sexually harassing him, but only if you can help it. We all know that you’re only human.

Hopefully next time I write this update it will be:


And in the good news stories:

  • We have all major cart issues fixed so if you have had any problems ordering, you should be right now! Otherwise, PLEASE email us ( We are here to help!!!
  • I’ve had FIVE staff working customer service full time and we’ve cleared the inbox deluge from launching + are back to a response time under 24 hours. Most excellent news!
  • Our affiliate competition is going OFF… almost $22 000 in prizes to be won!
  • I have added the sold-out To Do List pad as a downloadable printable bonus for all our Academy members due to popular demand. People are shitting their pants over it, so I take that as a good sign. Even if it requires more laundry (or perhaps PVC pants. Easy to hose off!)
  • We have sold out of over half our Business workbook stock – so if you haven’t ordered yet, get in now!
  • My dear high school friend Lena made me + Chris a shared birthday cake today. Beth proceeded to smear it from the top of her head to the crannies between her toes. I understand why she did it. Cake that good needs a full body immersion experience. The End.
  • Just a reminder — Despite the delays… this is still the EARLIEST we’ve ever been able to deliver these books! We’ve worked really hard to make them available earlier in the year for you all.  I’m so proud of us for being able to pull this off!

Love you all long time,
L Burger