Charlie knows about change.

so today we got our things delivered.

we moved down to canberra from northern Queensland almost two years ago,

taking with us only a car load of clothes, music, journals and a sense of adventure.

and we got ourselves a cottage to live in,

and we built up our home from scratch.

for the first four months we slept on foam mattresses on the floor, and we had “gypsy dinners” ~ turkish bread with soup, eaten on newspaper in a lounge room floor. We didn’t have a dining setting, nor a lounge for quite some time.

We bought a beanbag, and two camping chairs.

And that’s how we lived. It was the way we wanted to live at the beginning of our adventure.

Over time we bought the furnishings, the kitchen shtuff, the bed…

extending out into a laptop, a music keyboard, a second hand dining suite,

a purple bookcase.

And we just forgot about those things which waited for us back home.

The cost of moving them down here was too much for us to really want them here.

When we went back there on holidays six months ago, we sorted through it,

gave away most of it, and boxed the remainder ready for the journey here.

These things take time, and we were in no hurry.

So today, they arrived.

I was expecting my writing desk, an outdoor setting and perhaps a box of books or something.

I wasn’t prepared for the fifteen odd boxes which arrived at our door and filled our dining room.

Looking through old possessions evokes so many emotions.

I started with absolute glee, and shouted as the removalist pulled up outside.

I misted up over seeing the word “Whitsundays” emblazoned on its side. (The Whitsundays is the region I am from.)

Then as boxes upon boxes filled the room, I began to feel somewhat daunted. A little overwhelmed. Old life meets new life.

Some items invoke a sense of fear in me ~ a fear of returning to days from long ago. So much has happened since then and now. I am a changed person. I am with a man who has gone through his own changes. We are living a changed life. And that, above all, is what I treasure. That we have grown and moved on. So I tell Chris ~ there are some items here I no longer want. I no longer resonate with the energy held in those items. He understands.

We sort through the boxes, pulling out old treasures, photos of us when we first started dating.

Exclaiming over them. How we forget those possessions when they are no longer with us, yet when we see them again, they evoke such strong memories. I love these items, and treasure the memories they bring to me.

My house is full.

Filled with items, for the first time, of the Complete Leonie and Chris.

No longer do we have possessions living at either of our parents’ homes.

In a way, this makes me a little sad ~ it is the final tie broken of becoming an adult, beginning a home of my own.

And in another way, it also makes me feel so excited, so fulfilled. To have everything with me, right here. I am no longer divided into pre~ and post~ move.

Our pasts are merging to become one future.

My Joyful Flight bookcase is filled to the brim with our book collection.

My writing desk sits at the window, waiting to be filled and written on.

Today has been a big day.

I still feel a little mixed… some joy, some sadness.

These feelings will pan out, as I incorporate our past into our present.

Taking what I wish, moving on that which no longer serves me.

A metaphor for life really, isn’t it?

Reunited with an old friend. My writing desk.

Exhausted, grateful, feeling.

Love to you,