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Had a fantastically creative day.
Filled with hours sitting at my wooden art table by the glass doors, light flooding in.
The sweet scent of banana cake cooking as rain dropped from the heavens outside.
Painting and cutting and uncovering.

Today’s creative series is called “The NEWS Letters.”
A while ago, I doodled all over the faces in a newspaper.
I kept the paper, and today I stuck them in my journal, along with letters cut out from the paper.

They were like little love notes and reminders to myself, inspired by the characters in the pictures that I had caricatured over. I realised that however we think about others is so much a part of how we think of ourselves. This is me, claiming my thoughts, judgements and values.

I even made a few stalker postcards to send to friends. I dare you to do the same! There’s nothing like sending mysterious unsigned cut~out letter love notes to bond a friendship. *gigglesnort*

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