This morning, my husband wants to talk.

He does the numbers, does the research.

He’s the numbers guy.

I’m the vision girl.

“Honey, when we’re ready, let’s look at buying a house again. With enough land so you can have horses again. Near to Ostara’s school. How much do you think we can afford?”

“Honey, I believe I can pay off any house I want. I believe in myself. I can make anything happen.”

His brow knits and he sits and he thinks for a while.

“This is so different from our life before, you know? I’m still learning that our life is different. That we can buy the house that we really want, where we truly want it, all in our own time. We used to scrimp and save and make do with thing we didn’t really want. It’s just so different now.”


And I think back over the stretch of our lives.

To the times where I was working full time and had $10 “spending money” a week.

To when lunch out was beyond the budget.

To when we bought our first house not because we adored it but because we were just barely able to afford it.

To when we were saddled with consumer debt and credit card debt.

To when we bought the cottage not because it fit us, but because we thought that’s the life we deserved.

There’s been some pivotal times in our lives.

The times that have changed the course of our lives.

The first was deciding to take control of our finances. We cut up our credit cards years ago and have used only our savings ever since.

The second was making a decision, a commitment to myself that whatever it took, I would earn $30 000 from my creative and spiritual gifts within 12 months.


It’s only a few short years since then.

I earn more in a month than my original year goal.

I help FAR more people than I’ve ever helped.

I feel most alive, most like myself, when I am doing this work.

Our lives are free because of my business.

Not in spite of my business. But totally in alignment.

We are free to choose again and again what is true and right and good for us.

We didn’t feel like we had that choice before.


This business shit?

It is powerful. Sacred. Divine. Purposeful.

It’s the difference between no choice and choice.

It’s the difference between having the job of your dreams and not.

It’s the difference between complete financial and life freedom and being controlled by external circumstances (by jobs, where you can live, what you can afford, what house you can have, what options you have for your family…)

Every morning, I spend the morning with my family.

My husband and my daughter, out adventuring around the world, or just being at home, peaceful together.

We eat lunch at the table looking over the rainforest.

We talk deeply – all the time – about where we are at, how we are feeling, what we are called to do next.

And then I nestle my daughter into bed for her nap.


Today, my husband and his white fluffy shadow (Angel le puppy) joins us for a midweek nap.

I nurse Ostara to sleep, and when she falls into dreaming land, I don my work uniform:

a pair of turquoise leopard print pyjamas.

And as I pad softly out the door, I turn back and see…

my sweetest dreams come true.

My daughter curled up in a fuschia tutu, my husband nestled beside her, our white puppy tucked up between his knees.

And I think:


It’s Monday. And my family can be together.

Following their natural instincts, napping when they need. Together.

And I come down here into my sanctuary of a dreamy office,

and I open my laptop, and I write you this love note.

I have my bucket of textas at my feet, my journals beside it.

This is my job.

I get to dream everyday.

I get to help people every single day.

I get to pour out all the gifts and the miracles inside me.

And I get to receive the abundance that helps my family prosper because of it.


I’m not interested in Survival anymore.

I have my nose firmly pointed in the direction of Thrival.


I’m wondering what else could be truly possible.

Just how much more magic I can spread.

Just how much more sacred and powerful business can be.

I’m going to find out.

And I promise with all my heart that I’ll share along what I find. I’m on the most beautiful adventure, and you are all invited to come along on the journey with me.

I promise it will be heart-opening. Soul-spell-binding. The biggest spiritual journey of our lives.

Abundance – deep, wide, potent, blessed.

Business – powerful, world-changing, big + beautiful.

Life – soulful, heart-centered, filled with joy + freedom.


Things are getting better and better


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