Ya know, this month we’ve been talking about the sacred art of business. About how much it can change our lives, how sacred it can be, how transformative it can be.

And if business is the thing that’s calling your spirit, I want to help you. I want to help you be the brightest shining star you can be. I want to help you to help SO many hundreds and thousands of souls. And I want you to earn a really beautiful income from it – whatever amount is the perfect fit for you.

But before we can even begin to talk about moolah, business and success, we need to talk about the undercurrent here.

It’s something I see chronically in the Land of Hippy. And I know it deeply, because I’ve been there and been overcome by exactly the same thing.



Us creatives and soulful types are afraid of talking about business,  afraid of talking about money, afraid of becoming successful because that would mean:

We are greedy. We are selfish. We have sold our soul. Marketing must mean manipulation. Money is baaaad, and the cause of all evil in the world.

And it’s impossible for us to talk about creating businesses that support us abundantly and joyfully without facing this.

We might be thinking “Yeah! Want the life and business of my dreamiest dreams!”

But our mindset around money, success and business will become a giant “Yeah But” elephant, right in the middle of the road, blocking us from getting to where we want to be.

“Yeah but if I earn too much money I’m greedy.”

“Yeah but I’m not good with numbers.”

“Yeah but marketing is icky and I don’t wanna do that.”

“Yeah but…”

On and on, this elephant trumpets its horn, distracting us from the truth, distracting us from our vision, distracting us from our magnificence.


I used to think money was sucky. And yucky. And something that shouldn’t be thought about, looked at or seen.

I used to think that “rich” people were selfish. And greedy. And had their priorities all messed up.

And then I realised.

I was really, really mistaken.



Money is no less sacred than apples, or a field of land, or gold.

It is a physical manifestation of energy, of commitment and intent.

And when you have money?

You can choose where you put it.



Dude, here’s the thing.

I really, really don’t think money is bad for the environment.

When you’re broke, you don’t get a choice.

You don’t get to choose between the locally made, chemical-free handmade clothes, or the lovely biodynamic organic food for your family, or the fantastic artisan-made furniture.

Your choice is limited to what’s cheap. Stuff that doesn’t always sing to you, isn’t always the best or healthiest fit for your family. It’s just what you can afford.

Money affords you CHOICES. It’s up to you what you feel like choosing when you have it.



I totally, totally understand if they are.

My buttons were pressed a couple of years ago too.

Until I started actively working on my relationship to prosperity. Finding out what my unconscious thought forms about money were. And studying a lot of books about mindset and abundance.

These are of course my own thoughts, perspectives and discernment. If you feel something different, I’m totally groovy with that, my love.

Work out what works for you, and what makes you happy, and what makes a difference to the world, and stick with that.

Here’s my truth:



Because we WILL be good custodians.

We will take care of the people who work for us. We will tend to each other, ourselves, the environment, our family, our communities.

We will buy large tracts of land for wildlife.

We will be angel investors for entrepreneurs in third world countries to grow their businesses and take their communities out of poverty. (LINK)

We will have the money to choose between organic and chemicalised, between chipboard crap and artisan magic, between a house generated by solar power and one generated by nuclear power.

We will have the money which place will nurture us the best, which schooling option will be the best for our children.

We won’t be held back or held down by our lack of money.

It’s pretty obvious which one we will choose.



I moved back to the town I was born in. I was so excited to see a number of small spiritual stores open up. I saw it as an amazing opportunity for everyone in this town to be able to access services and resources that would help them shift and heal and grow. And then slowly each one closed back down again. For many reasons, I’m guessing.

But most of all, it’s because they couldn’t find a way to make it a really freeing, sustainable way of life for them, income-wise and time-wise.

And I want to screech: It doesn’t have to suck! It doesn’t have to be like this!

I am bummed. I do know it’s all in divine accordance, that things will work out. And yet, and yet.

It means the people in this small town aren’t getting what they need.

There aren’t the healers, yoga classes, spiritual circles, resources, meditation teachers, massage therapists and coaches that we need here.

All these pathways for us all to receive wholeness. All of those earth angels who aren’t able to spend their time sharing their gift, doing the thing that lights them up, helping the world to heal.

We earth angels – we healers and artists and teachers and creative beings – we NEED to be able to share our gifts with as many people as possible. We NEED to be able to find ways to give people what they need.

And business is the vehicle to do it. It can be tremendously powerful, deeply sacred, endlessly transformative – for you and your clients.



For me, entrepreneurism is one of the most important.

It is something that has totally riveted me, transformed me and made me grow in ways I could never imagine.

I’ve been walking this spiritual path of consciousness for so many years now, but these ones spent in business? They have fast tracked me, they have healed me and made me evolve in ways I cannot even enunciate.

Entrepreneurism gifts us with the opportunity to work on ourselves, to get cleansed and cleared of our crap, to step forward into our destiny, to be magnificent and shining and radiant. It presses all our buttons so that we may be healed.

Not everyone is called to being an entrepreneur right now. And that is okay. It either does or it doesn’t. You might have your energy invested in something else right now.

Just check in with your spirit. Sit with it. Know the way that is right for you. And go with it. It’s all good, my lovely.

You will know if the path does sing to you. You will know if your spirit is calling you to that place, to stepping up and stepping out.



I am Leonie.

I love being an earth angel.

I love helping women light up. I love that moment, that miracle where they see the truth. Where they glimpse the magnificence in them.

I love generosity of heart, spirit, time, gifts and abundance.

I love money. I love that it supports my family, that it supports me. I love that the more money I make, the more people I can help. I love that money helps me get more support and happy helpers in my business.

I love that the more money I make, the more I can give. The more I can pour energy, money and time into the things that I want to change in the world.

I love business. I love entrepreneurism.

I love art.

I love the sacred. I love spirit.

And at last, I don’t see any incongruence in loving all the above.

It’s all one and the same:

a grand, marvellous, magnificent choice.


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