Hola gorgeous Goddess!

I wrote some posts nearly a year ago about some of the fears goddesses were having around enrolling in the Creative Goddess e-course. And since it’s less than five days until Goddess School begins… and new goddesses are having exactly the same questions and fears and worries… so I wanted to revisit, re-hash and re-dance over some of our soul-spas about those fears.

These soul-spas are the space to look at our fears around creativity and being a goddess. It’s all about shining a little light on the fears that keep us away from being our Creative Goddess selves. We can bring our fears out into the open, and let them be gently melted away, by the softness of light, soothing waters and connection… our community here attended by spirited, sensitive, wise, deep, precious, kind-hearted goddesses.

I’ll bring the apple cider and chocolate chia pudding. You bring your beautiful self, as wildly creative or hiding in the cupboard as you like. It’s all perfect, dearheart.

Today’s Creative Goddess Fear

This one isn’t actually just for the Creative Goddess e-course. It actually works for all the Goddess stuff I do.

This question pops up alot – Will this work with my religion?
I get this one, I really do. Because I get this question *a lot* whenever I meet someone and tell them I’m a Goddess.

So if you’re asking this question, I gotcha back sista 😉

“About this whole “Goddess” thing… I don’t know if it works with my religion”

And maybe from an even simpler level… “what is this Goddess thang all about?”

So, to make it simple.simple.simple, here it is:
The Goddess thang is about remembering that we are all divine. It’s about knowing that inside us, there is a wise, joyful, creative Goddess – a Wise Woman – who is waiting to help us on our journeys.

The Goddess thang is about reclaiming every wild, precious, profound, fabulous, creative, radiant part of ourselves, and *living* that.

It’s about getting to be joyful, and shining, and creative, and authentic.

The Goddess thang is about seeing, finally, with clear eyes, how utterly beautiful we are.

So that’s what I’m doing here. Creating ways for everyone to experience that, and feel that too. Because, damn it’s a good thing to feel.

And will it work with your religion?

Yes. Because it’s not about believing anything but the possibility that you.are.beautiful. And precious. And divine, profound and wise.

Women have been circling together for aeons, and it’s only been in recent centuries that we stopped coming together to share, create, learn, listen, grow and love together. Coming together again feels like a miracle, and a memory reborn.

I remember when I took my Mama to her first women’s circle. Previously, she had been concerned that it was too “witchy.” She said to me afterwards “Leonie, I don’t know why I thought it was such a fuss before! It’s the most natural thing in the world!” That it is. Natural and beautiful and profound.

I’ve circled with and done Goddess work with women from all kinds of faiths – Christian, Hindu, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Mormon. And it works. Being a Goddess is a way of being – not an exemption from believing. I reckon we all just need to believe whatever makes our hearts sing.

I received the loveliest email a couple of weeks ago from a gorgeous Goddess who bought my Divine Dreaming Meditation, and is now signed up for my Creative Goddess ecourse at Goddess School. She said:

“I just wanted you to know that I loved every second of the divine dreaming meditation – and I also wanted to say that I am a person of faith, christian faith specifically, and found the meditation to compliment my beliefs. I know you wrote about this in your FAQs for the meditation, and it was true!”

So… that for me, was such a beautiful affirmation about how this work – women’s work, Goddess work, can reach out and touch each of us, wherever we are.

And what do I believe in?

I believe that people are good. And that the world is deeply beautiful. The rest is constantly evolving.

I believe there’s a Goddess in me, and a Goddess in you… that inside of us is all the beauty, love and goodness we’ve been looking for.

And that we are loved, just as we are.

I’m so grateful that you are here… and that we are doing this precious soul-work, together.

Big love you,