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full moon tonight… taken from a car in flight too!

me & chris & paris had a philosophical discussion on party hats and why on earth they exist.
reasons proposed that there was a tribal mentality in all looking like a dick together, that the lack of circulation caused by the too tight elastic strap under the chin had an effect of elation on the wearer and that the ritual started back in the dinosaur days where the pointy hat went over the top of the front horn to embellish it.

but then i decided that it was because we were all ritual creatures at heart. that we wanted a special way to celebrate important events in our lives, i.e. BIRTH-days and the like. and that pagan rituals had been wiped out overzealously, so now all that was left were these empty, over-commercialised and mass-produced cardboard pieces of beat-the-joneses to mark special occassions in our life.

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creativity and originality are not supported or encouraged. we do not encorporate authentic, meaningful rituals into our lives to honour our journeys.

so i delivered a proclamation:
more & more people will turn to creating their own “party hats” ~ the party hats are metaphors for much more. they are ritual, ceremony, music & dress to acknowledge the sacred days in our years.

the party hats of the future will be covered in glitter, feather, shells.
maybe they won’t be hats at all. maybe someday i’ll shave my head and stand naked in a stream on my birthday.
anything that makes you feel spectacular, and like a true god/goddess of the earth.


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