Years ago, there was a movie that was delicate and grey and strangely moving: The Shipping News.

It came out in 2001, the same year as I met and fell in love with my husband.

We moved in together, then moved to a university town for six months, before moving back to my small hometown. We got a little flat together and saved money for 9 months so we could move across the country to Canberra.

And because we were flat-ass broke while we scrimped and saved, it didn’t leave much for decorations. I had precisely $15 a week spending money. So when I saw the local video store had older movie posters for sale, I snaffled a large bunch of them, including this. (And a Royal Tenanbaums poster because of course.)

This story has nothing to do with anything, except for the fact that I think about that poster in that flat every single November when I get a billionty emails from people asking about workbooks and I need to start writing…

The Shipping News


Where are the workbooks at?

When can you expect to receive them?

we are coming

For all countries: Pre-orders and Academy member books will be sent before any new orders.

USA + AUS: Pre-orders are being sent as of NOW. Boats have arrived, gotten through port and are in distribution houses. All will be sent within the next 48 hours before any other orders. They usually turn over orders within 24 hours, however because we had so many thousands of pre-orders, it may be another 24 after that.

So depending on how close you are to Las Vegas and Sydney (where our distribution houses are), you’ll have your packages V soon!

UK: Boat has arrived and we are waiting to get it through port. All boats left at the same time but because of you know… geography, the boat to UK arrived last. We should get it through Customs pretty quickly and set up in the distribution house, so we’ll be shipping by end of this week at the latest.

All other countries: Your packages are sent from your closest distribution centre and will be sent out on the same timing as them. Of course, they may take a little longer to arrive to you depending on distance (GEOGRAPHY AGAIN!), mail services & Customs.


When can I buy??????

We will be opening carts within the next 24 hours. Final testing happening now! Hold tight lovebugs, and make sure you are on the mailing list if you do want to order as we already are running low on some stock items because of pre-orders (20,000 books and 10,000 wall calendars sold in a week!!!!!!!), and like last year, are likely to run out of some stock in less than a week. EEEEP!


I’m so very, very, very excited to get these babies into your hands… I’m very proud of them and adore how they’ve evolved this year! I think you’ll be deliciously delighted!

Big love,

Love Leonie With Workbooks