Monday morning.

We wake up. Starry tumbles into bed beside us.

Our plans for the day are simple:

Go for a quick drive to a nearby country and buy new underwear.

There’s just something about Christmas that screams new underoos to me.

And then Starry says:

“Mummy? Go beach? Gotta go car! Come on Mum!”

I explain gently:

“Sorry sweetie, we’re not going to the beach today. Maybe another day?”

But then I look at Chris.

And we can’t resist.

Given the option between new underoos and the beach, the answer is pretty dang clear.

“Okay darling! Let’s go to the beach! Good idea!”


So we tumble from pyjamas into beach wear and we head out the door. Turn our noses east, push forward into the bright day.

And as soon as we arrive, we wonder why we ever considered such a thing as not coming here, not being here.

Here on our favourite beach, under the turquoise sky and that great hug of water, here at the place we feel instantly at peace.

We collect shells in all the colours, make a tiny medicine wheel in my hand.

We splash in the water, hold hands with Starry and swing her over the waves, laughing.

And then something calls me deeper. I wade out on my own to my thighs in the water, leaving my two loves to cavort together over new found shells and the splash of waves rippling on sand.

And I begin to pray.

I pray for every person who feels in pain right now.

Every person who is grieving, sad or lost.

And I pray that I may be of help. That I may be a lightworker in the world. That I may help them remember they are home.

That’s when I look up.

And just beyond me, something catches my eye.

I gasp, not sure if it’s true or not, but somewhere deep inside me I know it is.

I know that today is the day.


I call, without telling him anything more or anything less.

And as always, he knows, he already sees.

“I know. I saw it too.”

And I hold my breath, waiting, hoping.

And there it was.


My very first ever sight of dolphins.

A whole pod of dolphins travelling together.

Just in front of me.


Three weeks ago, I shared my list of Creating Your Incredible Year workbook goals for 2012. I shared what came true and what didn’t.

One of the things that didn’t (appear to) happen in 2012 was for me to see a dophin. It’s also been on my bucket list for the last seven years (!!!!) or so.

So three weeks ago, I wrote:

See a dolphin!: Didn’t happen this year.

Dolphins! Where are you! Come at me bro!

After waiting thirty years to see a dolphin, I know when I DO see one, it’s going to be worth it!


It was.

Oh, how it was.

I cried. I shrieked. I laughed.

I danced in the water.

I made dolphin noises.

And I whispered into the ocean:

I’m here with you, my friends.

It was a profoundly spiritual moment for me.

Ecstatically beautiful.

I’ve always been an ocean-loving Scorpio soul.

I’m a mermaid who married a merman by the ocean. Ostara’s in-utero name was Little Mermaid (we even considered calling her Ariel, but she was quite insistent that No, my name is Ostara, Mama.

So to see these dolphins… oh, it was like coming home.

A sign that everything is going to be okay. That I’m on the right track.

That all I need to do is keep turning up, keep praying, keep sharing the light that is inside me.


And all this because of my daughter’s little voice this morning:

“Mama? Go beach! C’mon Mama!”

She knew. She was leading us there.

(Thank you my darling girl! It was the best Christmas miracle I’ve ever received!)

Wade deep into the water, and pray.

Your miracle will happen. (Click to tweet this)

All my love,


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