Let’s talk about something really important.

Let’s talk about how to create happy, raving customers in your business!

Wanna know WHY it’s so damn important?

Because happy, raving customers come BACK for more from you.

What’s more, they become the mouthpieces of your company – the living, walking, talking billboards.

And that billboard can either say:

Well, THAT was a bit meh.

(Queue awkward silence + hesitation from either them or their mates to buy from you.)

Or it could be shrieking from the rooftops:


(And thus you have unpaid salespeople spruiking you without you needing to do a thing!)


Let’s talk about how to get those shrieking ecstatic billboards of clients, yeah?

Because that’s going to mean increased profits and a growing snowball of business success.

Here’s the three C Formula to create happy raving customers:

  • Community: How do you want to interact with your community?

  • Clients: How will we deliver our products?

  • Customers: How will you handle customer service?


Community: How do you want to interact with your community?

This part is KEY to your business and it is also KEY to going big in your business.  The universe will not deliver more than you can handle.  So, it follows that if you do not have a plan, system or place for your dream community, clients or customers they do not come.  Plan for abundance!

So, what do you do?

Spend some time thinking about how you want to connect with your community.  How do you want to interact with them?  Is it strictly email?  Do you interact directly on Social Media?  What fits for you and how do you want to design and run your business?  It is worth the time to plan this part, to think it through and decide what feels and works for you.  To really tune in and see what is manageable and maintainable for you.

Make sure to catch that key last part…  for you!

There is no one right way to interact with your community.  Sure, there are formulas and experts and gurus that all share what worked for them but know that was what worked for them.

Does it work for you?  If so, go for it!  If not, modify as needed.

Clients: How will we deliver our products?

When you develop your thing be it an eCourse or product, online or in person keep in mind how you will present and manage the customer/client expectations and present them from the very beginning.

Think about the enrollment process.

  • What steps need to be completed?
  • What does the customer need to do to purchase and receive your product?
  • What do they see?
  • What are they sent?
  • How can it be easier for them?

When someone makes a purchase from you they are raising their hand, jumping up and down, cheering and asking for the next step in their relationship (yep, it’s a relationship) with you and your company.  They are trusting you.

Making sure that you know exactly what needs to happen on your side for you to deliver your product in a way that you feel good about is important to your customers experience.  Making sure that the customer/client is guided through the process and knows what to do when and what they can expect leads to a positive purchasing experience.

One positive purchasing experience leads to not only more purchasing but also referrals.  I know that when I purchase something and have a great experience I am a giant fucking billboard of happiness about it.





Also: when I am excited I am incapable of speaking in non-capital letters. Don’t know if you knew that about me yet, but there you go. LEARNING IS FUN!

Customers: How will we handle customer service?

So anyhewsles… let’s talk about the thing that most business owners groan about:

Customer Service Happens.

No matter how much we plan, how big and strong we make the container of our business in preparation and readiness for the abundance of customers and clients, customer service happens.

The best thing you can do is be prepared for it.  There will be emails with questions.  There will be technical difficulties.  There will be lost communications.  There will be unexplained acts of nature that jump in the way.

Selling your first eBook, first online course, first bar of soap, first massage… anything.  You will have customer service calls, emails, requests.  Knowing that this will happen, that it is okay and planning for it will help ensure that you are prepared and that the customers and clients can get what they need with ease.  And, that you still have a place for the universe to deliver abundance to your door.

When we first get started or when we are starting a new area of our business we tend to feel like customer service questions and requests are showing us something that we have messed up.  They are not.  Things happen.  What really matters and leaves a lasting impression is how we handle it.

How we do it here at Leonie Dawson International:

As many of you know we handle our customer service via email.  Email is really the best and only way to get in touch with us.  We have a team of support specialists that answer our email on a daily basis Monday – Friday.   We do our very best to get to “inbox zero” every one of those days.

We consider the support email inbox to be like having someone knock on our front door and ask a question.  We want to respond to them quickly with the information they need and with kindness, compassion and the true feelings and values with which I started the business.  There is a person behind each and every question, note, concern and we keep that in mind as we respond.

So that’s the Three C’s, possums. Now are you actually going To DO something about it?

I’d encourage ya to get out a pen, and start jotting some notes right now on what you could do RIGHT NOW to make your C’s unstoppable.

Because when you do, gather the bucket, laydee.

A shittonne of abundance will flow your way. Your people will get their needs met. They will freak the fuck out about it in the very best of ways. And you’ll have more people who want you than you know what to do with.

And it’s gonna be the most fun evaaaa.

All from answering three questions.

(N.B. Even if you just scan back over the questions + make note of two things that you could make better right now, today, you’re going to be in a much better place than if you do nothing at all. The key is actually DOING… not just consuming knowledge!)

I’ll leave you with the cheesy movie quote, “If you build it they will come.”  The key part being that you have to build it first.

Big ole love,



P.S.  I’m really proud of myself for being able to contain myself enough not to make any of the C’s into a dirty word. You know if I called it the three F’s we would have been fucked in that department.

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