Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

The Goddess Rocket Ship has launched.

Last night I clutched a beautiful piece of calcite crystal as I slept, dreaming of creating and circles and goddesses and sisterhood. Then I got woken up at 3am by Charlie-Dog sneaking on the bed and spooning my knees. Then I dreamed some more about paint on fingers and radiant souls and doing what I’m supposed to be doing in this world.

I woke up just as the sun was rising. I padded out to my computer, Chris dancing around me as he does. I uploaded the rest of the Course goodness. My Dad called me to talk about the rain, and I just listened to his voice and felt how much I loved him, just as he is. Then I emailed 130+ goddesses from all over the world. A journey has begun. What miracles we find there, I do not know. I just know they will happen.

I walked out to the backyard with Charlie, lay down, face first on Mama Earth, and hugged her. I cried big happy tears of my dream being born. I prayed that my course would go out into the world safely and filled with light. I prayed that every woman on this planet remember just what a Goddess she is. And I gave thanks to Great Spirit for all the tremendous beauty in this world.

And that was my morning.

And other bits of vital importance.

I keep getting emails asking when I’ll be running this again and when exactly enrollments close to be a part of this course. My answer: I don’t know. For now – you can keep enrolling, and be a part of the Circle. It just feels really magical and *right* in the Circle, and to be sharing the Course with Goddesses who are called. If I feel called to close off access, I’ll let you know the exact day & time.

But for now – it feels right to allow Goddesses who are called to be a part of the Goddess Circle and are committed to experiencing creativity in a whole new way – to join. I don’t want any left-outside-in-the-snow Goddesses when there is a gorgeous roaring fireplace and velvet couches and paint on the floor and connections to be made inside!

I hope this works for everyone!

And now, I get passionate.

A  little while ago I did a profile interview at my cubicle job – which basically entails me walking around talking to interesting people and writing about it. Anyway – one day I was talking to a guy, and I asked my trademark question. “So, what makes you awesome?”
And this lovely guy grinned shyly, and said: “I do paintings.”
And in my usual, calm, graceful way, I *shrieked*: “That’s GREAT! I love it! Tell me more more MORE, you artist you!”
And he backpedalled. “Oh but I’m not an artist or anything! I haven’t SOLD anything you know. I just do paintings.”

Since when was ARTIST ever about being an occupation, not what we are in our deepest soul?

We were each born artists. When we were kids, fingerpainting gloriously, and someone told us “Oh! Look at you, you artist you!” we would just nod. And smile. Because that’s who we were. We just made art because it was fun and it made us happy in our hearts.

When did we decide the only person who could ever call themselves an artist was the one who painted full time as their source of income, sold their artwork and galleries, painted their fine art on an easel with nice brushes and did it in an internationally recognised style?

The only person who can ever truly call themselves is an artist needs only one requirement:
They were born.

The tyranny.

Of art needing to Look Good in order to be ART.
Or be sold. Or be wildly popular. Or shown in an art gallery.

I don’t want to count the times I hear:

“I made this artwork. It was incredibly freeing and therapeutic for my soul.” (At which point I’m going YAY! That is perfect! YES! That is true! And then I hear a moment… and then they discount their own art and sacred experience.
“But it doesn’t look good. And it won’t ever be in a gallery. I’m not an artist or anything!” And even: “But then someone looked at it and said ‘Don’t give up your day job.”

(I wish to have a petition against that sentence to refrain anyone from ever, ever saying it again. “Don’t give up your day job” – ARGH! What would be a good response to this? “Well, don’t give up your day job to have fun, be wild, laugh like a kid again or follow your dreams either then!”)

Looking Good and Being Successful and Making Money.
That’s not the point or value of art. Ever.

The point of art was it being freeing and therapeutic for the soul.
The value of art is that it serves us, our souls and our dreams in a thousand miracle, rainbow ways.

The point of art was to create it, to let this amazing river of spirit and ideas and texture and colour and imaging flow through you. The point of art is to feel like a Creative Goddess while you do it.

This deserves a Creative Goddess Manifesto.

Creative Goddesses make art because it fills them up with joy and light.
Creative Goddesses believe mistakes are sacred and add to an artwork’s story and perfection.
Creative Goddesses aren’t afraid of making art that doesn’t Look Good.
Creative Goddesses don’t make art for others, they make art for themselves.
Creative Goddesses make art that is true for them.
Creative Goddesses don’t need no stinkin’ outside approval.
Creative Goddesses make art that doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s.
Creative Goddesses trust in their intuition and vision to make *their* art as it is needed in this world.
Creative Goddesses listen to their soul’s calling.
Creative Goddesses dip their fingers in paint.
Creative Goddesses know the power of soulful creativity.
Creative Goddesses remember that every person on this planet is an artist, a Creative spirit, a soul who needs love, joy, creativity, laughter and connection just as much as water and food.
Creative Goddesses do it messy. And gladly. And reverently.
Creative Goddesses share their art when it is right for them, and hold on to the medicine of their art when it is right for them.

The Creative Goddess is inside you.
She is inside each of us, everywhere, all the time.
We only need a moment to hear our own grace and magnificence.

Today is a gorgeous day.

It’s a new day… it’s a new life…
And I’m feeling gooood.
And because having Faith in my dreams made one of my own miracles came true today, it totally deserves an Eli Stone clip. With George Michael as God.

Sing it with me now…

Until tomorrow…
Imagine you are being cupped in the palm of Great Spirit.


Yes! You can still enrol! Six weeks of magic, creativity, inspiration and Goddess discovery await you in the Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle.