Two and a half years ago, I started my Things To Do This Life List (which can be read in two parts). Almost two years ago I updated it with pics of missions completed. The lovelies Jen Lemen and Stephanie Roberts have reminded me of this soul~delicious tradition, so it is time to revise, update and add to…
It amazes me how so many of my miracle~dreams have come true, some without even knowing… revisiting this list encourages me to remember what makes my soul juicy and how I want to be in this world.
Go on~ Dream BIG and Create your own 🙂

Leonie’s list of THINGS TO DO THIS LIFE

1. Have a midnight picnic

2. Paint my nails bright purple

3. Have a bicycle with streamers on the handlebars

4. Have henna painted on the palms of my hands – Done.
5. Read tea leaves

6. Learn how to say “thank you” in six languages.
– Done.
7. Play Bingo in a Bingo hall.

8. Scuba dive

9. Handglide
– I’ve sky-flied on a wire, which is close… 50% there.
10. Wear a lot of bangles on my wrists so I can make music when I *sashay*
– Done.
11. Swim with dolphins
– I was so close to doing this in Adelaide…
12. Spread happy graffiti/street stickers
– Done.
13. Photograph project of street art
– Done.
14. Hold the hands of my beloved on a beach and say *I do* while looking intensely into his eyes

15. Begin & finish my second gratitude journal

16. Finish reading “Women who run with the Wolves”

17. Read “Mists of Avalon”
– 50% read, and I think that was all I needed to read, so I am marking this as Done.
18. Read a Henry Miller book

19. Finish an Anais Nin book

20. Have a book launch

21. Write silly and insightful sayings on t-shirts and wear them
– Done.
22. Paint like a goddess
– Done, and will do for the rest of my life.
23. Watch “What the Bleep Do we Know”
– Done.
24. Watch the Qaatsi trilogy
– Don’t feel the burning wish to anymore.
25. Record a full length song

26. Dance on a table

27. Design my own sticker series

28. Feel truly enriched, uplifted and satisfied by my career. Touch other’s lives with my work.
– On my journey there!
29. Get published by a publishing house
30. Paint a photo frame
– I just finished the most amazing Atlantis Mermaid collaged frame with shells and crystals and seaglass… so DONE!
31. Have a big treasure chest of artsy goodies
– Got the goodies, not the chest.
32. Make an altar
– Done. This is so much a part of my life now.
33. Cook a creme brulee

34. Play a magical April Fool’s Day trick

35. Get an eyebrow ring
– Done. And I loved every part of it – getting it, having it, letting it go.
36. Rockclimb – Half done. I rock climb wherever I go, but I want to try out a rockwall.

37. Have bright blue hair

38. Canoe/Kayak on Lake Burley Griffin
– Done. I’ve been sailing on it twice, and hilarious fun ensued.
39. Go to a Sacred Heart Gathering at Uluru
– Done. And it was incredible.
40. Howl at full moon
– Done.
41. Learn the dates for star signs off by heart
– Do I really want to do this anymore?
42. Get a tattoo
– Maybe after I am thirty or past my second saturn return.
43. Do an art portfolio up with photos of all my works – Done. And it looks awesome.
44. Learn Tibetan Buddhist meditation

45. Dance on a beach at night

46. Have a LeoniePaLooza
– I’ve had many of them now. 🙂
47. Sleep under the stars again

48. Hike for three days

49. Eat noodles again at a streetvendor stall in SE Asia

50. Have a hammock.

51. Own a blue car

52. Add to this list

53. Change my name to Leonie Cougar Mellancamp Allan {or not}
– Done. I chose Not. 🙂
54. Dress in disguise
– Done.
55. Get so flexible i can bend my head to my knees

56. Work in a bookstore

57. Perform a rain dance
– Done, and it worked! Also performed a stop-rain dance.
58. Wear a grass skirt and a coconut bra

59. Get a professional dress-ups photo taken (dressed up like another era)
– I was so close to having this happen in a little German town in South Australia, but they’d just closed!
60. Baptise a baby

61. Find a signature perfume scent
– Done. My signature scent, I have realised, is no perfume ~ just the sweetness of my hair, the breath of wind around me, and occassional swirls of essential oils. My beautiful friend Angel said to me the other day “I love your smell Leonie. I have a pair of your socks that even smell like you!” I think I realised then my perfume quest was over… my signature scent is me. 🙂
62. Create a dreamboard – Done.
63. Watch a foal being born

64. Marry myself
– Done. I love this so much. Best thing I ever did for me.
65. Give birth

66. Find a song that sings about a Leonie

67. Have no idea about what I’m going to be doing for a year

68. Tell a stranger they look beautiful

69. Give a spontaneous hug to someone I wouldn’t usually.

70. Cut and polish a rock

71. Make a plaster cast of my breasts & belly and paint it

72. Belly dance in blue
– Done.
73. See a buffalo
– oh my god! Done! I loved this so very, very much. I didn’t realise it was on my To Do List until just now!
74. Take photos of the red dirt of the Grand Canyon against a blue blue sky.

75. Gondola. Venice.

76. Meet SARK.

77. Paint rocks

78. Paint with ochre rock dust

79. Create my own set of oracle cards
– In the process of.
80. Delve and acknowledge the wisdom of my authentic and ancient self
– I do, and forever more will do.
81. Drink tea made from loose tea leaves
– Done.
82. Make a necklace
– Done.
83. White water raft

84. Ride a horse again
– Done. And I will again and again.

More things I want to add to my list…
Some are ones that I’ve already done ~ they were so BIG I didn’t even glimpse them when I last updated my list… and yet, here they are, glowing in my life.

85. Lead a womens circle – Done.
86. Run a sacred creative retreat – In the process of creating!
87. Submit a book proposal – So achingly close to this!
88. Appear in a SARK book – Done. RAR!
89. Go to India – 1.5 months to go! This has been a life-long dream of mine.
90. Walk the Camino trail
91. Go to Tibet
92. Read all the books in my bookcase
93. Go to Maccu Piccu
94. Write a book
95. Stay at an ashram in India for a couple of months.
96. Be an apprentice to a Wise One.
97. Enjoy every single day of my life.
98. Live in the country again.
99. Go to a world music/alternative music festival
100. Paint a wall mural
101. Do things just for me.
102. Be in the SageWoman magazine (illustration, article or review)
103. Hold workshops all around the world
104. Hold a workshop with my friend Donna
105. Meet* Doreen Virtue, Julia Cameron or Oprah. Or all three.
106. Set up a healing retreat
107. Be Leonie.
108. Sell a painting to someone in Asia, Africa and South America. (Then I would have a painting in every continent!)
109. Have a neighbourhood progressive dinner.
110. Publish a range of greeting cards.
111. Go to Tasmania with my lover.
112. Return to Uluru.
113. Meet Brooke Medicine Eagle.
114. Go to a residential spiritual retreat.
115. Create a photography website.
116. Have a solo art exhibition – Done. Second one in the making!
117. Bushwalk in the Australian Alps.
118. Travel the NSW South Coast.
119. See James Taylor in concert.
120. Photograph a sublime band for their CD. – In the making.
121. Do The Gift.
122. Go to Japan.
123. Go to the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury.

May we all know our dreams are possible,
with love and light,