Now, we all know that I talk about goals a LOT.

ALMOST as much as I talk about how wildly attractive I find my love.

There’s a reason I talk about how hot he is (because he’s really hot and I can’t NOT tell people what I’m thinking about).

And there’s a really, really good reason I talk about goals so much and even write best-selling goals workbooks.

Because they are a HUGE reason for my success.

They’ve been the powerhouse behind creating multi-million dollar companies, why I still do it while working part-time, why I’ve been a finalist for myBusiness Australian Business Woman of the Year and Ausmumpreneur of the Year.

And I’m not a ding dang anomaly here guys…


Not just me and Dicky B… but the stats back us up too.

Research by Dr. David Kohl shows:

  • 80% of Americans claim that they don’t have goals
  • 16% of them have goals, but they don’t write them down
  • Only 3% actually have written goals, but they don’t review them regularly
  • Only 1% has written goals and they review them regularly, and these are among the highest achievers in the US

Or for those of who you read in images like moi:

goals infographic part 1

or in pie charts:

infographic on goals pie chart

OK, so whether you’re in the US or anywhere else in the whole wide world, if you’re one of that 1% that’s writing down your goals and reviewing them, HOLY FORKING SHIRT!  You’ve just raced to the front of the line, haven’t you?!?

And, I mean, for what? For making a doodly little list!!!

That’s part of the reason why the My Shining Year workbooks have been such a huge best-seller… because they guide you through that exact process… creating gorgeous, inspiring goals for every part of your life (and business if you have one!) There’s a reason why over 350,000 peeps have used these workbooks – simply because once a person uses them… they see HUGE results in their lives, and they will use them every single year… AND they’ll tell other people about them as well because they want to share the joy along! It’s been so magical to witness… and to hear their stories of success and dreams come true. All from such a simple, powerful thing.


So if you really want your dreams to come true… here’s your three step formula to success. Around here I’d make some fancy dance reference, but I am really fucking uncoordinated and can only dance The Running Man and The Leonie Crazy Dance. But pretend I’ve made a punny dance reference, and we can both pretend to be cultured normals, okly dokly? HIGH FIVES!

Enough of the ridunkulous, here’s the juice…

goals infographic part 2

Step 1. Think up some goals. (Or just answer the questions you’re guided through in the 2019 My Shining Year workbooks!)

Step 2. Get ’em out of your head. Write them down.

Step 3. Regularly review them by using the handy dandy monthly checkin worksheets inside them!

It’s that bloody simple guyz.



If you haven’t already – order your 2019 My Shining Year Workbooks (or go get yourself one!), review your goals, and make them happen!

And if you haven’t already, join the Facebook group for workbookers.

Goal setting is practical magic, my lovelies, and you can make it happen today.

To all your biggest dreams,



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