Rose from my garden. For you.

Dearest party people,

I wanted to let each of you know on this, the first day of the new year, how grateful I am to EACH and EVERY ONE of you for being here, for sharing in my journey, for being YOU ~ in your individual, radiant beauty, for supporting and encouraging me.

2004 was a really bountiful, beautiful year for me… the start of the original blogger, and the development of Leonie Life. The connections and reconnections made with each of you, and then the connections you each made with each other on this website… these beautiful, invisible yet tangible webs we are weaving…

I am just astonished at what 2004 brought me. It brought to the shores of Leonie Land friendships, magic and dreams in cockle shells.

My parents bought me and Chris a lotto ticket for the big draw last night. We went and checked it today to see if we had won. And when we walked out of that newsagency, we were both relieved we hadn’t won. We didn’t want the money ~ as Chris said to my mum, we already had enough.

Yes, money could buy a house, but we already have a home to live in. It could buy us around the world travel, but that too will happen in its own time, when we save the money ourselves.

Even for Christmas ~ I didn’t want anything.

I already had everything I ever wanted, and more.

To want anything more is for me not to be grateful for the many, many, many blessings in my life, and our lives, that make them so fruitful, and fruity!

I love all of you,

and hope to connect with each of you soon!