Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Anyone who visits me at the cottage knows how big my collection of oracle & tarot card decks is. At last count, it’s about 50.

I wanted to share with you my favourite five oracle decks, incase you are looking for guidance or recommendations.

A little word about oracle cards first though:

I often get asked: What is an oracle card deck? Is that like a tarot deck?

Well, in my experience, yes and no.

Tarot card decks are created in a very specific format – it has 78 cards within it – 4 with 14 cards in each suite and 22 major arcana cards. There are many different versions of the tarot, but they are mostly interpretations of the same 78 cards.

Oracle decks in comparison can have as many or as few cards as it likes, and doesn’t follow a set format. They usually come in packs of about 40, and each card has a different and original message.

I prefer using oracle cards because:

  • they are easier to interpret – a little book comes with them, and you can often understand the card’s meaning just from the picture and word on it.
  • they usually all have joyful, shining energy. There are usually no negative cards in oracle card decks that may cause unnecessary worry.

I do have loads of friends though that prefer using tarot. That’s utterly perfect – whatever resonates with your soul is just gorgeous!

Healing with the Angels

These cards are my old favourites – they were the first oracle cards I bought when I was 18. They have become old and dear friends, with the edges now softly thumbed.

These are a beautiful deck to start using oracle cards with – they are joyful and like most oracle cards, have no “bad” cards – just positivity.

Ascended Masters

These cards feature beautiful, luminous artworks of ascended masters. Ascended masters are like the higher archangels – the spiritual teachers and healers.

I work with these cards when I need really shining truth and clarity – they hold a very luminous, loving, truthful energy.

These cards can be especially handy when you need practical answers about your path forward, especially around projects or career paths.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Oracle of the Dragonfae

Last year I photographed the gorgeous Goddess Lucy Cavendish – author and oracle card creator. She was the most precious Cancerian spirit, and it was exquisite photographing her tree nymph self dancing in her favourite grove of sacred trees. She gave me this oracle deck while I was there, and the next day, on the bus back home from Sydney, they became my favourite deck.

I used these cards exclusively for six months – they hold such powerful, potent energy… and can give some deep and amazingly accurate readings.


Medicine Cards (Jamie Sams)

I use these cards less as a divination deck, and more of a reference. When I notice an animal keeps popping up in my life, I check out the big, solid hardcover book that is included in this set to hear why the animal is appearing for me, and what medicine it has to teach me.

Again – I’ve got quite a few animal card decks, but I find these to be the most potent and helpful.

Goddess Guidance Oracle cards

This is a gorgeous deck of goddess wisdom – and my favourite of the Goddess-centred oracle cards I’ve found so far.

The readings I get from this deck can be so helpful in helping women reconnect with the Goddess inside them, and remember the ancient stories of being a goddess.


I’m also looking forward to the release of the Gaian Tarot in 2012 🙂

What about you sweetheart?

What are your favourite oracle cards?

big love!