Hola my darlinghearts,

Yippee!!! It’s the day!

Fiiiiiiinalllllly, I get to share some pics of our new cottage with you!

It’s been a month and a half of settling in… slowly finding our place & space in our new cottage.

As I shared before I left Canberra about falling in love with being a minimalist goddess

I wanted to create a feeling of Calm. Space. Peace. Ease.

I wanted rainbows, but I wanted soft creams as well.

Art & crystals, without feeling cluttered or hemmed in.

So… here’s the tour…

Starting with Part 1: our bedroom! Weeoooo!

Our bed. Gosh I love our bed.

It’s a king size. Just perfect.

And yes, we have separate doonas/blankets – my love & I have been doing this for *years*.

Want to know our secret to sleeping harmoniously with your partner?

A king size bed + separate blankets. Happy, happy days.

Little Mermaid has fit in so perfectly into our bed. Check out her beautiful little quilt that a gorgeous goddess made for her!

Also, must point out:

The ENJOY in the window. Me hearts.

And the 100+ year old wooden walls. Leonie is in love.

Beside our bed: we share one bedside table {I keep my bedside against the wall… I like it that way… plus makes me feel safer with co-sleeping!}

The table is a mixture of us.

A mermaid toy.

A pile of books.


You know.

The important things.

Hanging over our bed is this beauty…

An ocean goddess print by Penelope.

Want to hear a miracle?

I went to boarding school when I was 16. On my first day, I met a beautiful, earthy soul named Helena. She is the epitome of kindness and loveliness.

Years later, she moved to the same city I was in.

And the first time I went to visit her apartment?

She had this exact same print framed on the wall.

Of which there are only 20 in the world – Penelope did them as a super-limited print run, & they sold out within just hours.

And me & my dear friend own two of them.

And we didn’t even know.

I heart synchronicity.

Leonie is very, very happy here.

The old glass pane windows.

Tying curtains in knots… reminds me of dreamy beach cottages.

An old wooden cupboard (amazingly enough, this fits *all* of my love & me’s clothes in it! We pared everything down so we could just focus on having a beautiful, simple, joyful life here.)

The dreamcatcher I was given on my 15th birthday, and has followed me everywhere since.

The FAITH painting I did for my word of the year last year… that became Mermaid Daughter #1 ‘s middle name.

A quartz crystal chunk.

Buddha hand bookends from my beautiful friend Lile.

{These books are Chris’ “To Read Pile”}

And of course, Charlie doggy at my feet.

He’s never far from them.

Since we first laid eyes and hearts on each other, that’s how it’s been.


And the floor! Sorry! I got distracted by adorable puppeh.

I love our floor.

It *looks* and *feels* like old distressed wooden boards.

Instead, it’s lino OVER old distressed wooden boards.

I feel like an old Italian grandmother sweeping it.

*happy sigh*

And how could I take an aerial shot without including this beauty?

She is perfection.

I hang necklaces + prayer beads on door handles.

This one is a japa mala I made for my love one Christmas…

It is handmade from tiger’s eye & orange calcite.

And one of my very very favourite parts of our bedroom… an antique dressing table that belonged to one of my mum’s friend’s grandmothers.

I’m so in love with this dressing table that it’s not funny.

The wood.

The mirror shape.

The blue mirror insets.

Happy, happy days.

P.S. where did Leonie’s bum go?

I’m not kidding.

It went MIA when I became pregnacious.

Where has my missing booty gone?

In other news:

Spot the Charlie puppy!

And SO IN LOVE with our mirror!

My drum.

I found this beauty in a music store, and knew it was mine.

I use it in ceremonies + at retreats.

I use it to create sacred space.

I use it as a shield.

Mostly, I like to look at it with love pouring from my eyes.

And now for some details…

Check out my flipping adorable fairy hairbrush holder.

Thanks to Chris’ mama for this one.

And a dish from my grandmother… a shell 🙂

Holy dinger adorable!

Perfect for a mermaid cottage!

Also: Please note my beauty products array:

A bottle of Bio-Oil to splash on my face as moisturiser every couple of days when it gets dry.

A stick of Eve Perez almond oil moisturiser that gets used twice a year.

That’s it.

I have a very complicated beauty routine.

And the rest?

A startling array of Australian Bushflower Essences, Rescue Remedy cream + aromatherapy.

Two of my favourites…

One of my mermaid friends…

and my beloved buffalo.

And kisses in the bedroom window…

Will show you ze rest of ze house over the next couple of weeks 🙂 I’m still working on making the lounge room flow… so might re-do ze Create your Goddess Haven e-course when it starts up in Goddess Circle in two days! And yus… I totally take my own courses 😉 I’m doing ze Radiant Goddess e-course at ze moment because my system was feeling really sluggish and needed a reboost of radiance. I flipping heart it!

So yus! More tour coming up soon! But for now…

What do you think dearest hearts?

Do you think I got the right combination of creativity + space?

Can you feel ze minimalism + hippy loving mermaid cottageness?