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me and lisa marie mermaids. acrylic on canvas paper.

Illustration Friday is “Travel”


it’s funny you know.
Travel got me thinking.
in this time of electronica and world connecting, i have friends – dear friends –
that i haven’t met yet.
but indelibly, they have touched my heart.
letters and emails cross the globe ~ travelling heartwaves of a palpable connection.

they have each lightened my world, inspired me, shown me new ways of thought, of creativity, of a life well lived and loved.

so on this day, and everyday,
i give thanks to heart waves which travel,
and the connection i share with so many beautiful folk i don’t know.

“I Know You By Heart”
(Eva Cassidy does it best)

“We were like children
Laughing (and sharing) for hours
The joy you gave me lives on and on.

‘Cause I know you by heart.”

And that’s enough. More than enough. To know you by heart.

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special love to lisa marie. i’m thinking of you.