Uluru is by far the most magical and sacred place I’ve ever visited.

I can barely enunciate just how magnificent it is: stunning, ancient, precious.

It feels like the heart of Australia.

We spent a week there before we had kids: walking around her, looking at her, taking an art class with Anangu elders, doing a walking tour with an Anangu tour guide, gazing at that incredible night sky.

At no point did we ever consider walking on her, just as we wouldn’t trample on a temple.

As our Anangu guide said to us: “Why would anyone want to walk up there? There’s nothing to look at up there! Uluru is the thing to look at!”

We were enraptured and deeply touched.

No other place has ever compared.

Uluru: 10/10. Highly recommend.

Fuck trampling. Just enjoy the exquisite miracle it is.

Big love,