It’s time… we’re getting serious.

It’s time to talk openly + honestly about anxiety.

Let’s remove the stigma around it faster than you can take off your bra after a long hard day.

I am honoured, excited, nervous and glad to invite you to the LIVE unveiling of our new Shining Biz & Life Academy course…


Anxiety is such a HUGE issue for so many people today.

As many as 1 in 4 people suffer from it – and we, as women, as carers, as empaths and as parents – are at an even higher risk.

SO many people suffer it, but don’t talk about it.

It’s kept secret + swept under the rug + not spoken about.

And in that silence, there’s suffering, loneliness + heartache.

You don’t have to do it alone! It’s time to talk anxiety + all that goes with it.

It’s time to talk the borg, the brutal, the heartbreaking + the beautiful!!

I have anxiety.

I used to think it was a failing, something to hide + wrestle with and live with in secret, pretending that it was all OKAY.

And then … I discovered that it was okay to be not okay. It was okay to need help.

I’ve wrestled in anxiety’s grip. I know how it feels to live with the constant crush against my chest, the inability to breathe, the constant clenched hands…

But I also know how it feels to heal. To accept the help that I need to get back to myself; to accept the things that I need so that I can thrive!

In this workshop, I’ll share frankly about my journey with an anxiety disorder, along with the practical tools that have helped me heal and THRIVE.

This is an ACADEMY EXCLUSIVE course that we won’t be sharing with anyone but our glorious members of the Shining Biz & Life Academy! (Not a member yet? Sign up now!).

I will share with you my own personal journey with an anxiety disorder and give you a tonne of practical tools that helped me heal!

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(Enrolments to the Academy close 30 September! If you’re keen… jump in now!)

In this anxiety workshop you will learn:

  • How to recognise an anxiety disorder + what to do if you think you have one
  • My vulnerable story about living with an anxiety disorder – from being crushed by it to thriving with it
  • How to heal it –  with tools and options from alternative, eastern and western medicine (I love ‘em all!)

Whether you think you might have an anxiety disorder yourself or you’re supporting someone who has one, this workshop will be a deep dive into anxiety + all its troubles + gifts.

Make yourself a cup of fragrant tea, bring a cushion + a rug, and let’s circle. Let’s talk about the anxiety that so many of us carry + how we can heal.

Join us on Tuesday, October 12 @ 1:00pm US PST / Wednesday, October 13 @ 7:00am AUS – Canberra AEDT (Convert to your time zone here:


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