No one else can speak the words you can.

No one else knows how to share the voice of spirit and wisdom and hope that you do.

Use your power.

Be not like anyone else.

Let your words fly free, out into the universe, touching all they need to touch.

The most important person for them to touch is you.

Be a scribe.

A scribe of your own soul and spirit.

Make a cave where only you and your own soft words exist,

throw out all pieces of paper or screen

that do not remind you of this.

We do not need more voices that sound the same –

we only need our own.

Still all other voices, all outside shoulds,

until you can hear it.

Yes, that voice inside you,

the one that knows what words to form,

what wisdom to speak,

what light to share.

Trust in it.

It is here to help you.

Take a deep breath in and exhale.

Empty your mind until it becomes clear,

until all else fades away

and all that is left is this waving, whirling snake of transformation

that knows the way,

pointing with its movement and its body

where you need to go.

Your words have power.

Use them. Be one with them.

On the page,

channel the gifts inside you

out into this world.

{A channel is a line of water… all you need do is open your arm, reach out with pen, and let the water flow through you.}

Your voice is





Give yourself into it.

You will know you have written

the right words

when you read over them

and realise with a start

and a brimming over

that it was what you needed to hear.

Your words will be gossamer light and glistening river stone,

a balm to your soul,

the words gifted from Great Spirit to You.


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