I wanted to share with you today my three* fave sources of creative inspiration!

  1. I read a LOT of books! Like, a lot. Up to 400 books a year!
  2. Graphic novels! Oh man, they are wildly inspiring for me.
  3. My art journal!
  4. Making sure you have a life outside of your business! Family, friends, personal goals, hobbies! It doesn’t matter what, just don’t focus solely on your biz (you’ll burnout, and get bored too.)

It’s important that you thrive and prosper, regardless of whether you have a business or not!

BONUS TIP: Stop scrolling on social media for 2 weeks!

See if removing the infinite scroll from your life makes a difference with your creativity.

I wanna hear what makes you inspired!

Tell me, tell me!

Love always, 



*May actually be 5. Oops.

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