Let’s talk about how to decide on pricing for your business!

This is a topic that causes a lot of angst, so let’s get stuck into it!

So here’s the thing. There’s no such thing as a better business model in terms of pricing.

Instead, it’s more about which is the better one for YOU and your target market. For me personally, I’ve played around with lots of different pricing models, and time and time again I’ve returned to lower prices.

This is because I like helping a lot more people without them having to take out loans or go into debt.

I have friends who charge a lot higher in their businesses and all that means is it’s a different business model!

So have play around, to figure out what feels great for you and your customers!

And every time you increase your prices you need to make sure you’re marketing even more powerfully to prove that higher value to your customers. (But you’ll need to market at any price anyway.)

Get experimenting, and see what works for you!

Love always,  


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