Dearest Academy hotties,

THRILLED to bits to announce that I’m running a massive competition just for my beloved Academy members!

This is your chance to win over $6,500 in prize packs including:

  • One hour private coaching with me (valued at $2,500)
  • THREE lifetime* Academy memberships – stay in the Academy forevs for free! (valued at $1,000 each)
  • A crystal deeeeeldo because LOLZ WHYYYY NOT (valued at $250)
  • A custom Leonie designed unicorn tee (valued at $50)

*’lifetime’ refers to the lifetime of the Academy, not the lifetime of the member. Like, what if you lived to 113? Will computers even be around by then? Maybe we will have all been replaced by roombas? Can a roomba do an eCourse? Important questions.

Why am I doing this?

This month I’m doing a full day videoshoot to celebrate the Academy & share about it with even more beautiful humans who haven’t heard about it yet. And I’d love to be able to include snippets from the gorgeous members who are already IN the Academy & are the best ones to talk about it!

How To Enter

  • Record a short video (3-5 min) about how the Academy & I have helped you & your business. It doesn’t need to be fancy… just straight to webcam is great!
  • Upload it to Youtube & call it “Review of Leonie Dawson’s Academy” (so we can easily find it!)
  • The three videos with the most LIKES will win. (And yes… you can encourage people to vote for you. As the saying goes… the most determined bird gets the worm, except in this case the worm is solid gold!)

Competition closes 22 February in 2 weeks time. So jump on it now before you forget, kitten!

Can’t wait to see your beautiful faces & treat you to some ridiculously good goodies!

Big love,

Leonie Dawson is the global best-selling author of the My Brilliant Year goal workbooks, and founder of the Brilliant Biz & Life Academy. She’s also created $13m in 10 hours a week without ever nailing an elevator pitch or having to put a bra on to leave the house. Leonie likes long walks but only if she’s reading about other people doing them while she lies in bed. She also doesn’t know how to end sente