You know you can buy gift copies of the 2013 Creating Your Incredible Year workbooks (both LIFE and BUSINESS editions), right?

And that you can even buy bulk packs?

And gift pack bundles of both editions?

And that they are perfect for family, friends + even clients?

(We have so many lovely small business owners who buy these as presents for clients each year!)

And that we’ve priced them uber cheap – spare change, really – so we can help as many beautiful souls as possible have an absolutely beautiful year next year in their life or business.

But you know that right? Yeah? Awesome.

You can order them over here (under the “Buy As Gifts!” section)

(If you’d like to order more quantities than we have there, buzz us a line + we’ll work something out. We’ve already had one gorgeous woman order 100 (!!) for her clients.)

And just incase you were wondering: I believe whole of heart that this work is powerful. It’s not selfish or meaningless to create a beautiful life or business for yourself. And in fact, when we create our dreams, our lives and our businesses, when we grow into ourselves even more, we can help this world change in deep and good ways.

The more soulful women have incredible businesses, wealth is redistributed and more money is spent on children and philanthrophy.

The more women have incredible lives, the more we can bring ourselves – our fullness, our joy, our sovereignty into the deep work of healing ourselves, our children, our menfolk, our communities, our world.

Goodness cultivates more goodness. Light cultivates more light.

Give gifts that change lives + change worlds.

All my love,


P.S. 10% of your purchases will be donated with love to Red Cross to help beautiful souls heal (this is on top of the usual philanthropy efforts we undertake each month). Group hugs!