Hola my darlinghearts,

It’s Friday afternoon. Nearly time to wind down + dive deep into a weekend of family, reading, journalling + crafting.

I have to admit: It’s been a big week. I’m feeling a bit knackered. It’s been a big three months. Three months of birthing the new Academy into the world. Of doing the practical + brain + energetic + soul work of opening the container of my business to be bigger + stronger, able to serve + hold more people. Of going through an immense website design + rebrand (hopefully it will be ready next week for launch!) Of beginning + writing + finishing a brand new guide to be released to Academy members soon: “How To Hire, Create + Grow A Shining Six Figure Team.” It feels bloody wonderful to be creating + sharing. But holy dinger, it’s been a deeply immense time, calling on all my reserves of fearlessness, courage, calm, faith, belief, conviction + dedication. I’ve done a minor round of burnout + called on support from every level (in kidminding, healing, body-fixing, business + more). I’ve sweated + grumbled + cried. But I don’t waver. I don’t give up. Because this is the only thing I want to do. This is what I was born to create. There is no choice but this wonderful, huge choice which calls on every part of me. I’m devoted to the cause.

And I thought… you know what would end this week lovingly? Tying up its yays + its hards + sending it off to sea?

Spontaneous gratitude.

There ain’t nothing that changes your mood quicker from bummed-out to beaming than gratitude.

So here’s my things I’ve over the moon, full-heart-o-happiness about.

Dear Uniberse,

Thank you berry, berry much for:

  • loving the shit out of me. Even when I’m crotchety + cantankerous.
  • my beautiful office.Just one year ago my work space was a broken down sauna of a caravan. I feel continuously blessed for having this gorgeous, open, cool space to work from. I love that I get to look out over the rainforest from here. I love that it has so many beautiful artworks in here.
  • having my parents-in-law here. Starry just ADORES having extra peeps to play with. So do me + my love. It’s goooood.
  • The Voice Australia. I swear that show is filled with earth angels. I am so grateful for their service, inspiration + healing power in the world. I’m so grateful for the hours spent grinning widely + squeeing at that show. It’s my favourite thing.
  • that little sparkling light of a girl and that great big hulk of a hottie that I get to call my family.
  • finding a little vegetarian cafe that makes ridunkulously delish healthy desserts… including chocolate sapote + sago. #addicted
  • that sweet moment this morning when we three were playing spinning coins on the table. It was spontaneous and only lasted a wee while, but it filled all our reserves up I reckon.
  • the fact that I don’t have to think about making dinner any more. I love that my hunko + mother-in-law tag-team on the chef front now. It’s the GREATEST.
  • reading different kinds of books lately – ones that I don’t ordinarily pick up. It makes my brain sponge feel different.
  • Summer being over. Holy dinger, that was one HOT summer here in tropical paradise. I felt like a three month long sweaty, sweaty ballsack. And now it’s just all rainy + long skirts + cardigans + cosiness. I am down with all of that.
  • Intermittent + spontaneous rude analogies + crude words. They make me gigglesnort like nothing else, people.
  • a job that I will never, ever, ever quit. I love this thing way too much!

The End.

Thank you for your endless magic.



Aaaaaaah. That feels SO MUCH BETTER.

Now if you’re called, pull out your own lil listy and jot it down. I guarantee you’ll be grinning two inches wider just from this sacred act of thanking.

High fives + booby-squishing hugs,