the wall of honour. too many names, too many dead.

boofy and me went to the war memorial yesterday…

and it was touching, sad, beautiful, depressing.

we had a tour guide ~ an old soldier, and he was the most wonderful guide
the perfect blend of sombre and funny
he kept saying
what was it all for? nothing
what did war acheive? 109 000 aussies dead, millions upon millions of others
he said
i thought we’d learned our lessons ~ that we wouldn’t dare enter war again
but now … it’s almost a lifestyle, a given.

a Papua New Guinean soldier

my gosh.
we all have such simple, easy lives don’t we?
in comparison to those men who lived for years in muddy trenches,
each moment without death a gift
precious moments, as bullets pelted overhead.

me and my brother’s feet, yesterday.

and from that, i learn the most.
that each moment is divine.
we may not be at war,
but death gives life its tender, magical quality
life is a gift
be gracious, be grateful

domed ceiling of the tomb of the unknown soldier.

even sadness shines.