New podcast episode for you! A stark warning from my money mentor & how to future-proof your finances. Just a short one for you today (under 5 minutes)… but important.

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I read an article today from my favourite money advisor. You probably already know Scotty Pape – I recommend his book “Barefoot Investor” all the damn time. He’s no bullshit, gives bonza advice, and is usually right on the money.

And today, his article was pretty worrying:

He reckons we’ve got about three more months before a global recession strikes post-pandemic. Currently, we’re being plumped up by government relief packages and early super draws. Come September though when all the relief packages end, and he predicts mass business closures & unemployment. In his words: “the deepest recession in living memory.”

I hope he’s wrong, but I don’t think he is, sadly.

I feel like it’s my responsibility to alert you to this.

And use the coming months to prepare yourself & get your money sorted.

Some ideas to get you started:

✅ Create new income streams for yourself – every bit will count. The work you do now will pay off.
✅ Consider online income sources so you can serve people across the global marketplaces. Online also helps incase we need to do another lockdown for a second wave of infections.
✅ Plant a garden. Even if you have just a kitchen window or an apartment balcony. Look for food that grows quickly and cheapy. Think about how you can plan for food security.
✅ Reduce expenses.
✅ Sell extra shit off and keep it in a savings account for a monsoony day.
✅ Get debt paid off (like credit cards).
✅ Invest in your education to learn new skills & succeed in a new economy.

Remember: our ancestors have survived all kinds of global transformation – they have persevered & they innovated. You are strong and powerful. You can do the same.

And if you need help, my courses on money, selling e-courses and writing books are there for you.

Big love,



P.S. Get out a piece of paper now and write down what you need to do now to survive & thrive through the coming 12 months.

You’ve got this.

I’m cheerleading you.