can you see the fairies?

I’m a water fairie, born under the sign of the Deep~Waters Scorpio.

I have mermaid hair, and a merman lover. I have mermaid friends ~ when I meet them, I know them by heart: curling masses of hair inhabited by seahorses, shining eyes that speak of the sea, wide smiles that light a mermaid’s cottage…

On our first date,
my merman and I sat by the sea at night,

holding hands,
and he said:

When I see the ocean through my eyes, it makes my spirit happy.


Water is the Mother of healing,
Water teaches the Way of the Flow,
Water is the embrace of Great Spirit.

with light blessings of the sea,

~You can read more about the soul purpose of mermaids and other earth angels in Doreen Virtue’s divine “Earth Angels” handbook.

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