Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

I woke up yesterday with a vision… of making a glorious rainbow angel painting.

And it was *so* much fun and *so* much goodness… I had to make a video to help you make your own!

Glorious Art Workshop: Create a Wax Angel painting! from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

And some Wax Angel painting frequently asked questions:

What do you do with the wax once the paint is dry?

I should have included some video of me scratching off the paint outside in the garden, trying to keep the puppies from bouncing on me. True story. It would have been awesome footage. Hee! Anyway, once the paint has dried, just scratch and peel the wax off with your fingers or a knife. And it’s totally beautiful if it leaves smudge marks and stuff… it’s all perfect!

What if you don’t want to mix kids with wax?

My sweet mama, being the ever-creative and nurturing mama goddess that she is, told me she did the same kind of project with us when we were kids. Instead of hot wax though – you just rub using non-lit candles, or use crayons. (And you just leave the crayon on there afterward – I don’t think you can peel crayon off.) You can use white crayons – or rainbow crayons. It will look divine!

I love you!