Every night for the last week, I’ve been THRILLED to go to bed… just so I can curl up with this book, and sup on it like the decadent treat it is.

Wilding” by Isabella Tree is the true story of a British farm that decides to… stop farming and use the land for wildlife. Instead of careful conservation, the land owners instead allow nature to reclaim everything, believing that it will rebalance itself in time. It does, and the miracles are outstanding: animals considered rare or even vanished begin to reappear.

It’s a heartening, immensely inspiring tome for our times. And it is even more delightful with Isabella’s delicate turn of words, and reverential worshipping of nature.

Surprised by a “blizzard” of painted lady butterflies, she experiences a miracle of noise:

“The sound of a single butterfly is imperceptible. But tens of thousands have a breath of their own, like the backdraft of a waterfall or an accumulating weather front. It feels as though the oscillating susurration of their wingbeats, pounding away on their supernatural wavelength, might dissolve the world into atoms.”

Isabella Tree

I drink up this book like I am thirsty in the desert… then ration it because I don’t wish it to end. Then I go to sleep, dreaming big dreams of more spaces and places and humans becoming wild again.

This, by far, will be one of the best books of my reading year.

Big love and blessings,