I’ve got a lot on my mind at the moment.

Family, work, extended family.

Not to mention the fact that we’re just about to move (again) onto an acreage (again).

I’ve been finding it harder to sleep at night as I had SO many ideas and thoughts floating around my head. I was walking around during the day with a vague sense of overwhelm.

I decided the best thing to do was to create a brainstorm mind map for everything I’m thinking about for our new home. I used my regular art journal spread over two pages (I’ve been using this exact style of art journal since I was 16… 20 years now!)

I discovered my ideas roughly fell into categories:

  • Craft projects I want to do. (I currently harbour an addiction to watching chalk paint furniture tutorials!)
  • Cooking projects – what I want to try making.
  • Visitors – we’ve missed having a house big enough for family + friends to come stay for house parties.
  • Renovations – there’s a couple of things we are considering doing to make the home fit us better.
  • Gardens – what we want to try growing.
  • Declutter – I’ve got some things we no longer need, and I want to mindfully find their next home (i.e. not create more landfill!)
  • Play – ideas for creating fun for my kids around the home.

After I finished it, I felt such a sense of relief… all these ideas and notes I no longer have to carry around in my head!

It strikes me as a thing of beauty too – this is what my brain does feel like. All these flowers of possibilities blooming. All these brain synapsis forming and connecting.

If it’s of service to you – try it out. See if mapping your ideas out helps reduce your brain load + overwhelm.

Big love,