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Hey guys,

It’s me.

Leonie asked me to write a blog post on the things I’ve learned in the last year of working at Leonie Dawson International.

Instead, I called her, and we talked about it instead.

Join us in this honest conversation from the heart about the sweat, insight, work and tears it’s taken to grow a company from a $1m to $2m company in a year.

We’ll talk the big questions like:

  • Are you an Uber Ingrid the Implementor?
  • Are you ready to evolve and scale your business?
  • Is it time to grow a team beyond your skills?

Analogies, laughs, and some plain old good advice mixed with lots of “Leonie moments”. Don’t miss this episode.

Listen below, or subscribe in iTunes here.


“Founders tend to be people who do stuff, so their knee-jerk reaction is to solve problems, rather than coaching people to solve them,” he said. “You have to coach people to solve their own problems, and coach people to coach people to solve problems. That’s how you achieve scale.”  – Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn

Big love,

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