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What if we are all shamans?

What if we are all magically, powerfully, consciously walking this journey of life?

What if we are all making decisions that are unique in all this world and all that has gone before?

What if the connections we are making are growing deeper, more meaningful?

What if we are all shamans?

What if we all had our super powers, like clever men or Banana Man?

What if all the experiences and knowledge we ever need are right there inside of us, in an intrinsic archetypal wisdom?

What if we all possessed love. More than enough love to fill ourselves, and spill out to those around us?

What if we are consciously choosing our experiences of life?

What if we are all shamans?

I am sitting here on a Friday evening, listening to Xavier Rudd’s gentle beats. Moving in deeper, spiralling, honest sharings with my lover. About people and places and spirits and growth.
And I think of my brother on his travels across land and into himself. I see him walking a shaman’s journey. And I think of my beautiful friend Andrea, whose sweetness, purity & power makes me see her as a shawoman.

And I realised.
This is us.
All of us.

We are all shamans on our journey.


I just read this out loud to Chris.
He tells me:
Once upon a time we were all shamans.
Then we started categorising ourselves,
and shamans became shamans,
& we didn’t see ourselves as them anymore.
But it is all right there…
inside us.