Inbetween here and there.
Our last night in the treehouse.
This incredible home we’ve been blessed to hang out in for three months
to heal + be swallowed up by the essence of rainforest.
I’m so so so glad we were sent here.
It’s been like an angel refuelling station.

And now, at the precipice of another big change…

We’ve been restationed up the mountain to our dream.
We didn’t expect it all to happen so quickly but it did.
We fell in love with a house + acreage
and we bought it.
Tomorrow we move in
and settle onto our knees on the land there
and make ourselves at home.

This afternoon we collected keys
and we ran around the land and through all the rooms
and I kissed my love
beneath the passionfruit vine growing in the rainforest
and I said:
“We did it my love. We made our dreams come true!”

I’ve been in love with this love of mine for 11 years.
Two Scorpios. The intensity of two of us means this:
the potential to fuc* it all up tragically, or rise to great heights.
We’ve faced so many challenges in our years together
and we’ve knocked off the hard edges off each other
rising again and again
to become an even version of ourselves.
And so we rise, we rise.

We’ve always dreamed about having our own little farm.


What to know what it took?

It’s meant waiting for the right time.
It’s meant making a huge number of life changes.
It’s meant moving all over this gorgeous country trying to find the right land.
It’s meant growing even bigger cahones.
It’s meant facing our fears head on.
It’s meant doing what it takes to make it ours.


And it’s all worth it.

I feel so blessed to be moving there, to that very special house.

I can’t quite believe we’ve been chosen by the Universe to live there, to be its custodians, to relish in the peace and solace and space it gives.

It was built with the intention of being a loving family home that also held spiritual, life-changing retreats…

and we’ll be continuing on in that sacred, loving tradition.

The dear builders/past owners/love beams left gifts in the house for us…

Bicycles and wellingtons and treasures for Ostara

and bright gold daffodils

even some white gerberas and food colouring to make some rainbow flowers with!

I don’t think we could have shared a house connection with a lovelier family.

It’s all just dreamy. Beyond dreamy.


I’m off.

To go sleep curled up between my two loves.

And in the morning, we’ll rise.

And shuffle our belongings up the mountainside.

And that’s where we’ll be…

for years to come.

In the house that claimed us as its own

the land that called us to play upon

the dream that was waiting for us to step into it.

We’ll be making art + snogging beneath the passionfruit vine + making more dreams come true.